Study Says Audi Drivers Are The Worst And Most Inconsiderate Motorists On The Road

There are a lot of stereotypes surrounding the kinds of people who drive an Audi and as it turns out, at least one of those stereotypes is true: when they get behind the wheel, they're kind of terrible.

A new study conducted by Van Monster has found that Audi drivers are the most inept, inconsiderate, and dishonest motorists on the road, and they've got the stats to back it up.

The UK-based company surveyed 2,000 motorists to see if there's any connection between bad driving and car brands.

Those 2,000 people are behind the wheel of the UK’s top 20 cars of 2018, and they were asked to anonymously confess their greatest vehicular sins, ranging from leaving dents in parked cars to expressing some serious road rage during rush hour.

As it turns out, Audi owners are most in need of a serious driving lesson as they came in 'top' for 17 out of 33 driving misdemeanors.

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40 percent of Audi drivers surveyed admitted they wouldn't be very likely to own up to an accidental fender-bender and confess to damaging someone else's car.

Other offences include cutting off other motorists, suffering from road rage, colliding with other vehicles, parking across two spaces, and parking on double yellow lines.

Land Rover drivers came in a close second, just behind their Audi counterparts.

These folks were found to be most likely to open their doors onto fellow motorists’ vehicles, damage other vehicles, and also damage their friends and family members’ vehicles whilst behind the wheel of them.

When it comes to road rage, SEAT drivers took the cake.

On the other end of the spectrum, Volvo drivers proved themselves to be the safest and most responsible of all the surveyed motorists.

Just behind them were Hyundai and Honda drivers, who were also found to be rather good folks when they got behind the wheel.

Of course, it's important to remember that these findings aren't representative of ALL drivers and their car brands.

A similar study conducted last year by GoCompare Car Insurance turned up similar results, though company spokesperson Matt Oliver said to take these with a grain of salt.

"While it may be no surprise that higher-powered, luxury cars are the marques of choice for some of the more dangerous drivers on the road, it's not true of all owners of these makes," he said.

So while it may certainly seem like facts are facts and Audi drivers really are just the absolute worst, let's not paint them all with the same brush. Not until we know for sure, anyway.

h/t: Van Monster