Amy Schumer Shared A Hilarious #TBT Pic Of Taking A Pregnancy Test At The Seinfelds'

Throwback posts are nothing new on social media. Every now and then, who doesn't love sharing an old pic to mark an anniversary or special occasion?

Amy Schumer's latest #TBT post is all about finding out she was pregnant last year and for some, it might be a little TMI.

It's been quite the year for Amy Schumer.

The comedian's career saw her in more movies and she also released a new comedy special on Netflix. Her real focus, though, was on her pregnancy with her first child.

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In May, Amy and her husband welcomed a baby boy.

Gene Attell Fischer made his debut after a difficult but worthwhile pregnancy for Amy.

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Since becoming a mom, Amy has been serving up some hilarious and hard truths about motherhood.

Many people have applauded her for sharing pictures online that detail the normal but less-than-glamorous aspects of motherhood.

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Not all of her posts are shocking.

She shared this beautiful image of herself and Gene before she officially returned to work. It perfectly captures those competing emotions many women feel after maternity leave.

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But, it's those uncensored posts that tend to capture our attention.

Who could forget when Amy shared this picture from her hospital bathroom with the caption, "Milf alert 1 o'clock"?

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Now, Amy is sharing a hilarious throwback to the day she discovered she was expecting.

"#tbt the day I found out I was pregnant in @jessseinfeld bathroom," she wrote.


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Not only is this picture hilarious, but, apparently Amy Schumer also took her pregnancy test at Jess and Jerry Seinfeld's house.

Instagram | @jessseinfeld

I wonder how Jerry felt about that?

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So, there you have it.


It looks like Amy is going to keep sharing those relatable (but maybe TMI) posts about motherhood and we are 100% here for it.

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