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Pumpkin Who? Dairy Queen Is Selling A Bright Blue Cotton Candy Dipped Cone

Strong opinion coming at you over here, but ice cream is good no matter the season. Yep, it's even more delicious in the winter months, thanks to all the fantastic holiday flavors.

Dairy Queen is really switching things up in their ice cream lineup for the fall, however. They've just released a bright blue Cotton Candy Dipped Cone, that, although not quite seasonally on trend, definitely has some mouths watering for that sweet nostalgic taste of summer.

I spy with my little eye something that is a soft serve cone and bright blue.

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It's really not hard to spot, even against the blue background of the poster.

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This bright blue Cotton Candy Dipped Cone has been spotted at a couple Dairy Queen locations as of extremely recent.

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Yes, in the dead of pumpkin spice season, here emerges a traditionally summer treat.

We're not quite sure where this cone has been spotted exactly, although it seems that it might be in Canada, given some social media tags.

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Nevertheless, keep your eyes peeled.


That is, if giving your palette a pumpkin spice cleanse is what you're in the market for!

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