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Finger Covers Will Keep Your Hands Clean While You Destroy A Bag Of Cheetos

I consider myself something of a Cheetos enthusiast, but I'll be the first to admit that this tasty snack is not without its problems. Particularly, one very dusty problem.

I like to say that there are two kinds of people in this world: those who choose to wipe their powdery fingers (probably on their own pant leg), and those who simply lick the powder right off.

Which one's better? Well, there's no real right answer, although I can't say I love watching other people hoover Cheeto dust off their digits with their own equally dusty mouths. But if you want to avoid getting those Cheeto-fingers in the first place, I've found the perfect product for you.

Amazon is selling some snazzy-looking finger covers to keep your hands clean while you shovel snacks into your mouth.


Known as "Chip Fingers", these were designed to keep the pads of your fingers safe from the perils of rogue food particles, whether it's salt, grease, or even fluorescent orange Cheeto dust.

Now you can snack without having to worry about constantly cleaning your hands between each bite. What a time to be alive!

Each set features a unique shape which Amazon assures will fit any size of finger, big or small.


They're washable, reusable, and also heat resistant. So not only can you keep your fingers safe from messy food, you can also protect them from hot dishes that require a little manhandling, like flipping chicken fingers halfway through cooking.

Plus, they work perfectly to guard your precious digits while you're using some particularly sharp kitchenware. No accidents here!

Don't worry if you're not feeling green ⁠— they have three other colors you can choose from!

You can also choose from blue, red, or purple to find a finger cover to suit your mood. Each set of three costs $8.99 and be found on Amazon here. They have a pretty decent rating of 4/5 stars, and the reviews are all super positive, so I think it's safe to say these fancy finger covers are a sound purchase.

See ya never, Cheeto fingers!