Blake Shelton Revenge Pranked Kelly Clarkson On 'The Voice'

Uh oh, we might have ourselves a prank war on our hands! Quick! Somone call Jimmy Kimmel!

He'll have to moderate the peace talks so that they don't get too heated.

So apparently there are a lot of pranks going on at 'The Voice'.


It all started when Kelly Clarkson said she would never use her block on him. She assured Blake that she couldn't recognize talent as easily as he did, and she wouldn't dream of using that dastardly block.

Never in 1000 years.

Yeah, well, obviously that didn't happen.


Not only did she block him from getting singer Marybeth Byrd, but she also tricked him into blocking himself!

This prank was not to go without retaliation, however. Blake Shelton had a plan...

So the night of his great revenge came...


And whenever Kelly Clarkson went to speak, something happened. You remember that old song "Don't Speak" by No Doubt? That played every single time, drowning her out.

At first, Kelly Clarkson thought it was funny.

But after a while, she demanded to know who the heck kept cutting her off.


But, Blake Shelton being the criminal mastermind that he is, snitched on his own darn self. He pressed his own button and suddenly, the music started to play, revealing he was behind it the whole time.

Also, you could've used a song that wasn't by your girlfriend, Blake.