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Johnny Depp's Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame Was Vandalized

Johnny Depp fans were totally distressed last week after news of the actor's Hollywood star being vandalization made headlines.

The star, which was dedicated to Depp back in 1999, was defaced on September 26th.

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According to MSN, the star had a crude message written on it in black marker.

The message read "phoney [expletive]" and it looks like it was written *hastily* to say the least.

While Depp hasn't commented on the scandal, his fans have already taken care of it for him.

Getty Images | Daniele Venturelli

Twitter user @LaurieBea1 and her son took to the streets to clean up Depp's star.

Depp has been at the center of plenty of controversy since his divorce from ex-wife Amber Heard.

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Both parties have accused each other of physical and emotional abuse.

The legal battle is still on-going.