These Half-Face Halloween Makeup Looks Are So Good You Won't Even Need A Costume

Wake up, darling. Do you know what time it is? It's October time and that means Halloween is coming. Do you have your costume game on? If you don't, I have a great idea for you that's not costly and pretty easy to accomplish.

I'm talking about half-face Halloween makeup. All you need is your regular makeup and a few steps to achieve it.

Oh wow, this looks so awesome and you don't really need special makeup skills to achieve this either.

All you need is a few different colors and a steady hand to recreate this look.

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And here's a similar idea.

I have to say this girl's foundation application is so on point here. A few false eyelashes totally take this look home. Right?

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If colorful eyeshadow is what you're after, this look may be for you.

Then, of course, you'll need a little extra to makeup magic to make this look that much more special.

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How fun is this Dia De Los Muertos-inspired look?

I always thought it would be so hard to create but looking at this I think it's doable.

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I think this half-face pumpkin makeup is to die for. Don't you?

This is such a unique idea. I don't think I've seen makeup like this before. So cool.

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Channel your inner space goddess with this wicked chrome half-face makeup look.

This is such a fun idea. The only thing you need to master is blending well. I'm intrigued.

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Oh my, how much do you love this idea?

Here's another cool way to make this half-face makeup look that much different from all the others. Simple but effective.

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OMG, ha, ha this is so fun.

I wouldn't have thought of this. It actually looks like it's not that complicated to do. What do you think? Could you do this?

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Another simple half-face makeup idea that's not that complicated or elaborate but still very effective.

Even someone like me who's makeup-application-challenged could totally achieve this... I think.

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This half-face broken doll makeup is pretty but also not that difficult to accomplish.

I feel like anyone could take this on and succeed. And I'm a total novice.

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Wow, check out this simple take on the "Corpse Bride".

This is totally awesome. And it shows that minimalism can totally work in your favor. No special skills required either.

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Get ready to show off your wild side with this super fun half-face makeup inspiration.

And you don't even need a mask to achieve this look. I absolutely love this.

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And if you're terrible at applying makeup like I am, here's an awesome step-by-step tutorial that should have you looking like a pro in no time.

I totally need this.

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You know I never felt confident applying makeup so I stayed away from such Halloween costumes.

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But looking at these I feel like I can actually do this. Amazing.

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