Scientists Confirm Going To Concerts Regularly Makes You Happier So Rock On

Here's some good news for anyone who's been looking for a way to justify their insatiable need to attend every live music event possible, no matter how thin their wallets get:

According to an Australian study, regularly attending concerts helps us become happier people. So I guess this means missing that Friday meeting so you can drive two hours to watch Post Malone live on stage is totally O.K. because it's good for your health. Whose boss could be mad about that?

As part of the study, 1,000 participants were interviewed to determine the relationship between music engagement and subjective well-being (SWB).

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What researchers found was that people who went to any sort of a communal music event (concert, festival, club, etc.) said they were pretty satisfied with their lives, more so than those who opted to simply save their money and download their favorite artists' albums instead.

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The most important element of these events, researchers found, is how communal they are.


If you think about it, one of the best parts of going to a concert or a festival is how it feels to be connecting with thousands of other people through the music you're all experiencing together.

You feel joy when you're around others feeling joy, and there's no more joyful experience than watching Queen Bey herself stomp around a stage and belt out her chart-topping hits to a crowd of unworthy plebs.

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So next time you're wondering whether a particularly pricey concert ticket is worth it, just know that science say it definitely is.


After all, your wallet may be hurting, but you'll be a happier person for it. So go ahead, get those tickets and maybe even splash out for a concert tee while you're at it.

Do it for your health.

h/t: Psychology of Music

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