It Looks Like Jared Leto May Have Bought A Private Island And Started A Cult

Today in "celebrities doing weird stuff," we have: cults!

No, really. In August, Jared Leto rented out part of an island, invited a bunch of fans to it, and then declared it a cult.

The celebrity news cycle never fails to reach new levels of weird. Let's find out what happened, shall we?

Jared Leto is a member of the band 30 Seconds to Mars.

Instagram | @30secondstomars

Just in case anyone forgot where he started, a reminder: It was a band that he started with his brother, Shannon.

30 Seconds to Mars is still making music, I guess scheduled around Jared Leto's Oscar-winning antics on the big screen.

Their fans are called "Echelon."

Instagram | @30secondstomars

Or so that's what Wikipedia tells me. 30STM stans, do not come for me, I'm doing my best here. Y'all seem like cool people!

They're actually super generous, too.

They helped raise over $100,000 for Haitian relief after a massive earthquake devastated Haiti.

See, they can do cool stuff! Let's slap some respect on their names before we talk about some of the weirder stuff going on.

Every year, the band hosts a festival called, "Camp Mars."

Instagram | @30secondstomars

For the fourth time in as many years, 30 Seconds to Mars hosted "Camp Mars"in Malibu, California.

It honestly looked like a pretty standard festival. There were activities, themed shirts, and huge crowds.

Oh, also, it cost between $399 and $1,999.

So, there's that. I'm sure if an artist I was a huge fan of threw a camp I'd be willing to put down some serious cash for it, so no judgement.

The band decided to take Camp Mars to a whole new level, however.

Instagram | @30secondstomars

Welcome to Mars Island, aka Croatia.

For three days, fans flocked to the idyllic island for a 30 Seconds to Mars-themed festival.

I'm not gonna lie, that looks beautiful enough to join a cult for.

Nah, just kidding. Here's what the festival offered, though:

Instagram | @30secondstomars

From 30STM's website:

"Mars Island is a three night, all inclusive festival experience. Relax and restore with yoga amongst the trees, take a dip in the pool, catch a midnight screening..."

"...or gaze at the stars, and catch two intimate performances with Thirty Seconds To Mars. Mars Island is an experience like no other."

It kind of sounds like a big romantic getaway with tons of fans and the band, but I'm sure there are lots of fans who are very down for that.

Everything looks like it was a lot of fun, right?

Instagram | @30secondstomars

Sun! Sand! Water! Yoga! Music! For something that could have accidentally become Fyre Festival 2.0, Mars Island actually went off without a hitch.

Hm, maybe we should start talking about that hand gesture, huh?

"Yes, this is a cult."


That phrase was attached to social media posts by the band, complete with Jared Leto striding around Mars Island literally looking like...well, Jesus.

Apparently, according to 30STM fans, that phrase is just a joke! So don't get weird about it, okay?

Because getting weird about it is THEIR job.

I can't...tell if this is a joke. Is it a joke? Is it half a joke, but half-serious, but it's kinda done in a chill way?

Do people really think Jared Leto is a prophet?

I'm having a hard time here.

As weird as all of this is, the fans seems genuinely happy.

Maybe Mars Island helped them!

Maybe it's a good thing!

Maybe those triangle-shaped hand gestures aren't weird. Maybe a dude walking around dressed in all white on an island he specifically rented for a festival about himself isn't...strange...

They've also got memes.

Twitter | @Myskat32

Everyone says this is a joke! No harm done, just throwing up Illuminati triangles and cult references for the fun of it.

I don't know what to do here, guys. Help me out.

"I'am the ECHELON."

Let's take a step back, though. Is this really so different from going to a convention?

Yes? Those cons are organized by other people and don't involve yoga? Okay, got it.

Hey, but hot idea: Cons should have yoga.

Some people were a little concerned.

You didn't have to go that hard, man.

I mean, it's accurate, but still. Yeah, at the end of the day, the cult they're all in is still the same one headed up by a guy who played the Joker.


Chris may be on to something, because Sarah worrying about bothering Jared's creative vision instead of caring for her own ailment is...oh God.

That's cult behavior. Sarah! Bud! They're just two dudes who sing!

Please say sike.

He's not a messiah, he's just Jared Leto. I'm so concerned that all of these cult symbols and talk may actually lead people to believe they should join a cult.

Don't do that.

But in all seriousness...


Whether you're in the Echelon or not, perspective is key!

Don't drink the Kool-aid, don't worship a celebrity to the point of making him a deity, and don't compromise your own health for someone else's creative vision.

Otherwise? Go on with your bad self.

Trekkies go on cruises together, so why would this be any weirder? Have fun at Mars Camp. Bring sunscreen.