9+ Brilliant DIY Halloween Decorations Made From Dollar Store Supplies

These days Halloween decorations are a big money-making business. You can spend a ton on fancy decorations if you're not careful.

But if you want to decorate and still stay on a budget, don't worry, I've got you covered. These ideas might be cheap but they're still super fun and pretty to look at. Trust me.

1. DIY Skeleton Candles

Gina Michele

Can you believe these amazing skeleton candles from Gina Michele are such an easy DIY? Print black and white images and just Mod Podge them on to dollar store candles.

2. Spiderweb Candle Holders

Chicken Scratch New York

These look complicated, don't they? Thankfully, they aren't! All you really need is a glass container, some yarn, glue, and a plastic spider. So simple and a great idea from Chicken Scratch New York.

3. Witch's Hat Door Hanging

The Spohrs Are Multiplying

This is such an interesting idea for a Halloween door decoration from The Spohrs Are Multiplying. You'll need a hanging basket, fake flowers, ribbon, and some spooky accessories. Nice!

4. Halloween Dessert Plates

Boxwood Avenue

If you plan to eat on these, get clear plates and use the same technique as the candles to Mod Podge the designs on to the plates. Love this project from Boxwood Avenue!

5. DIY Colorful Pumpkins

You can totally get the kids in on the fun to make these. Let them squeeze all the paint on the pumpkins to their heart's content.

6. Black And White Pumpkins

Or you can just keep it simple and paint your pumpkins in black and white paint like this. Tie on some dollar store ribbons for an extra classy touch.

7. Bloody Footsteps Runner


Seriously, this can't be easier. If you have a white runner or a bedsheet and red paint you're good to go. This looks so fun.

8. Balloon Pumpkins

Design Improvised

Who wants to waste time carving pumpkins? Not me. Just get orange balloons like Design Improvised did, and cut out eye, nose, and mouth shapes from black contact paper. Spooky!

9. Trash Bag Spider Webs

Fast Forward Fun

If you're looking for a unique idea to make huge spider webs cheap just follow these simple instructions from Fast Forward Fun to cut them out of trash bags.

10. Hanging Balloon Spider Webs


What an awesome effect for something so easy to make. If you can get your hands on some balloons, yarn and plastic spiders you're set to make this DIY from Eeriezone.

11. Scary Ghosties

Unoriginal Mom

Doesn't this display look so fabulous? Well, you can make it with ping pong balls and cheesecloth. What? That is so amazing! Love this idea from Unoriginal Mom.

12. Mummy Luminaries


Want to make some candles Halloween style? Take a cue from BrenDid and get some cheap jars, cheesecloth, white glass paint, Mod Podge, and black paper. Then, insert fake votive candles to a spooky glow.

13. Bloody White Candles

Live Playfully

This one couldn't be easier. All you need is white and red candles. Drip some red wax onto the white candles to create this effect. Thanks to Live Playfully for this easy idea!

14. Tissue Paper Balloons


Who knew that just a simple white balloon can become a scary ghost when you use tissue paper and some funky imagination? Hee, hee — these are so fun!

15. Hanging Cage

The Navage Patch

I know this looks complicated, right? Wrong. Just get two laundry baskets, plastic chains, zip ties, black spray paint and some scary props like a skeleton to make these awesome displays from The Navage Patch.

16. Milk Jug Ghosts


If you buy milk in jugs that's perfect. Save those jugs so you can make these spooky glow-in-the-dark ghosts out of them with the help of some fairy lights. Thanks to Eighteen25 for this idea.

17. Spider Door

Delia Creates

Delia Creates made a spooky effect with very little effort. Buy a bunch of these plastic spiders and adhere them to your door or walls with magnets.

18. Ghost Paper Bags

Crayons and Collars

Line your steps with these fun paper bag ghosts. All you really need for this project from Crayons and Collars are white paper bags and fake votive candles to make them glow.

19. Life-Size Ghosts


Doesn't this look spooky? Stick styrofoam balls onto long sticks and put them into the ground. Drape sheets over them and tie them together so they look like they're floating.

20. Jack Skellington Face

Halloween Alley

All you need here is a dollar store touch light. Paint the base black, then draw the face of Jack Skellington on it. Now it's really Halloween!

21. Floating Witch Hat Luminaries

Polka Dot Chair

You can find these witch hats at dollar stores everywhere. Then you just need to put some LED candles inside and hang them up like Polka Dot Chair did.

22. Eyeball Wreath

Number 2 Pencil

Oh my! So many eyeballs in this DIY from Number 2 Pencil. LOL! Just get a ton of ping pong balls and googly eyes and go crazy gluing. Again, get the kids to help you.

You see? Halloween decorations don't have to be expensive.

I should know because I'm pretty much Halloween-obsessed and I never want to blow my budget. So fun and creative.

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