10+ Epic Mother-Daughter Halloween Costume Ideas

Guess what? It's officially October and the countdown to Halloween is on. What are you going to wear this year? Have you ever thought of dressing up with someone else as a duo?

What about a fun mother-daughter costume idea? Well, if you need some inspiration check out these awesome mother-daughter duos who are doing Halloween right.

1. Wayne's World

OMG, how fun is this mom and daughter dressed up as Wayne and Garth from Wayne's World? Ha, ha, ha. What an awesome idea. Party on.

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2. Aerobics Buddies

Wow, this mom and daughter duo have their Halloween game down pat. They're rocking their matching aerobics outfits. This is the cutest thing I've ever seen.

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3. Alice In Wonderland

Whoa, this mom looks fierce as the mean Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland next to her adorable little Alice. What an amazing costume idea.

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4. Maleficent

And speaking of fierce, how about this strong duo of mom as Maleficent and daughter as Mal. They look like they might be up to no good. Hee, hee.

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5. Minnie Mouse

What kid doesn't love Disney? Especially when you're a little girl. I bet Minnie Mouse is her hero. Now she and mom can channel her on Halloween.

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6. Unicorn

Just how adorable are these two in their matching unicorn outfits? Aren't baby unicorn costumes the cutest? And even mom can get in on the fun. So cozy.

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7. Skeleton

Holy moly, I can't get over the creativity of this mother-daughter skeleton costume idea. Pretty simple outfits but I must say their makeup is definitely on point here.

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8. Black Swan

This is such a neat idea for anyone who's a fan of Black Swan. Channel your inner ballerina diva and counter it with a baby white swan.

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9. Zombie

Who says you can go gory with your kid on Halloween. This mom doesn't seem to mind getting a little dirty in zombie makeup for Halloween.

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10. The Aristocats

This is such a cute and simple idea for a mother-daughter Halloween costume. You only need a few nifty accessories and you're the cat's meow.

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11. Mermaid

Okay, I'm not sure how this mom is going to be able to walk in this costume but I don't really care it's just so awesome.

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12. Black Cat

Again, pretty simple costume idea here. But I have to say I'm really digging those cat paws. Where can I get some? Hee, hee. They're impressive.

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13. Clown

Well, just take a look at these two clowning around. Not only their outfits are amazing but their makeup is something else. Bravo, incredible job here.

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These wicked mother-daughter Halloween costume ideas are making me wish I could dress up with my mom.


LOL! Why not? I think we could still pull it off.

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