Cameos We Completely Forgot Were In 'Grey's Anatomy'

Diply 28 Sep 2018

I am an avid Grey's Anatomy fan.

Obsessed, if you will. And yet there are still times when I'm rewatching for the millionth time that I stumble across a cameo that leaves me shook.

Like, you see someone who is now a huge star (looking at you, Millie Bobby Brown) and you're left rewinding on Netflix to make sure it's really them.

So there might be some spoilers here, just a heads-up.

It's not even up for debate, it's a fact. 

Twitter | @SM_Belle

I guess Shonda Rhimes is the goddess of TV, so she can make whatever she wants happen. That's really the only way to explain how she pulls off the best cameos of all time.

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Mandy Moore smiled her way into Bailey's heart, which isn't an easy task.

Getty Images | Danny Feld

Which, of course, only makes us love her character more — and loving a character on Grey's Anatomy is never a good idea. I have this theory that as soon as I love a patient, it's going to end badly. And I'm usually not wrong.

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But Shonda has arranged some cameos where the actors weren't patients, and FYI, they might be even more tragic. 

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Shonda has said that killing Coach Taylor — oops, sorry, Dylan Young (also played by Kyle Chandler) on Grey's — was her only regret. That's a bold statement.

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At least we always know that a death doesn't mean it's the end of a character...

Twitter | @TingRoll

That's exactly how we were graced with another chance to see Dylan after the character's death, even though it was for a short bit, and we knew it was a ghost situation.

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Shonda just truly knows how to get us right in the feels.


And I can't even be mad at it. She's just so darn good at it and I'm the one who keeps choosing to watch.

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I bet she's sorry not sorry about this little role. 

Getty Images | Mitch Haddad

I grew up watching Demi sing it out on my TV, so seeing her as a patient at Seattle Grace was weeeeird.

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As if we didn't already know that Sarah Paulson could pull off any role.


She's been starring in American Horror Story for a few years playing a bunch of roles, and I loved her as the younger version of Meredith's mother Ellis.

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From the hospital bed to rescuing Thor... 

Getty Images | Gale Adler

Kind of a bit of a jump, don't you think? I 100% wouldn't have caught on to this being Tessa Thompson though!

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In acameo that lasted quite a bit,Jeffrey Dean Morgan broke hearts.


Mostly Izzie's...but that would literally be an entire article in itself. I cannot see him as anyone but Denny Duquette Jr.

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She was so young!!!!

Getty Images | Karen Neal

Little baby Abigail Breslin! This was the same year as Little Miss Sunshine, so my girl was really out there killin' it, especially for her age.

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Shonda likes to do this thing where she has people do cameos and then they end up in her shows, seriously. 

YouTube | YouTube

You bet that's Liza Weil who ends up on How To Get Away With Murder.

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A little different from a wedding romcom. 

Getty Images | Colleen Hayes

Nia Vardalos battled her family once again in Grey's, but this time it was for a liver and not in the name of love.

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I watched this episode and his new show quite a bit before I made the realization it was the same person in both. 

Hotelio | Hotelio

Dylan Minnette was maybe the cutest kid to be on Grey's...ever? I'm going to stick with that statement.

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And yup, he's now Clay on 13 Reasons Why!

Twitter | @yodelingteigen

Granted, he's no longer earless and a child, but it took me a little too long to realize where I knew him from.

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He's looked better, but he was still as charming as he was in That '70s Show.

Getty Images | Kelsey McNeal

Seriously, Wilmer Valderrama played a musician and he even won the heart of one of the interns. Are we really surprised?

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Hotelio | Hotelio

YOU BET THAT'S ELEVEN! But she has hair, and it's a little dark so it's hard to see, but it really is Millie! Any kids with Owen Hunt are adorable, but she was also very brave. Not much different than Eleven from Stranger Things!

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