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Cheerios Isn't Ready To Let Summer Go With Their New Toasted Coconut Flavor

It just turned October, AKA Halloween month, which means our diet is about to consist of flavors of apple, caramel, pumpkin, and maple.

Except Cheerios is saying, "Hold it right there, fall!" The iconic cereal company just released a limited edition Toasted Coconut flavor, which has us wanting to chase it with a piña colada.

These Toasted Coconut Cheerios aren't hard to spot in the pumpkin spice haze of grocery store shelves.

Instagram | @foodiewiththebeasts

Instagram food reviewer @fueledbymunchies spotted this limited edition Cheerios flavor at Hannaford Supermarkets in Maine.

While there is no official taste review just yet, I imagine they taste like a macaroon cookie, with the toasted coconut flavor and crunch of the cereal and creaminess from the milk.

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I guess Cheerios isn't ready to say goodbye to summer just yet, and neither are customers!

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"I don't know why but I haven't been this excited over a new cheerio flavor in a while. This just sounds so good!" Instagrammer @snackingwithbreezy remarked.

This would be the perfect pumpkin spice palette cleanser, so here's to hoping more pop up across the country!

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