Kamala Harris Finally Responded To The 'SNL' Parody Of Her

Oh lord please let it be something good-natured and fun. The response, not the actual sketch.

Who cares what SNL does, every person in America just wants politics to be funny again.

Alright, so, the people on 'SNL' did a parody of the democrats.

Instagram | @kamalaharris

We had Larry David doing his Bernie Sanders, which has got to be the best portrayal of a politician since Dana Carvey did George Bush Sr.

And then we had host Woody Harrelson as Joe Biden...

Bowen Yang was Andrew Yang, leader of the YangGang and master of NEET bucks...


And then finally, we had Maya Rudolph as Senator Kamala Harris of the great state of California.

Needless to say, the sketch was on point and hilarious. I mean, it is SNL after all.

The responses were good, especially one from the people who were being parodied...

None other than the actual Kamala Harris replied, even making fun of one of her own lines. One of the lines that was used in the sketch!

God, that is so refreshing.

And Twitter agreed as well.

Most people were praising Kamala for taking the joke on the chin, but one reply stood out above the rest, and it was the below reply from @believe_women.

Wouldn't that be nice? Someone who can take a ribbing?