Matthew Perry Said No To A Gay 'Friends' Storyline

Normally, actors and actresses wouldn't be able to say 'no' and get away with it, but I suppose once you are a major star on Friends, whatever you say goes.

That was certainly the case for Matthew Perry.

Good ol' dependable Matthew Perry.


He is, quite possibly, the best character on Friends (he's at least second best out of the boys, sorry Ross).

He's built a pretty good career off of that little show from the '90s that could.

There are so many classic storylines from that show. So many quotable lines.


"The one with Unagi", "The one where Joey loses his insurance", "The one where the stripper cries", seriously, this show is packed with relatable and iconic moments.

But there was one storyline that never was.


Well, alright, there were a couple of storylines that were turned down.

And that might have been for the better.

Before we get into what Perry's storyline was, let's look at a few storylines that were scrapped!

There was one episode that would have had Rachel moving in with Gunther.

Yeah, that would have been weird and awkward.

Before the "gay" storyline, there was one other Chandler storyline that got scrapped.


And considering the things that have happened in the United States, this might be a very good thing.

The storyline involved Chandler being taken in by airport security.


This was because he was going to make a joke about a sign up in the airport.

What was the sign?


It informed others to not make jokes about hijacking or bombs on an aircraft.

Yeah, I'm glad they scrapped this.

But then there was the "gay" storyline!


And keep in mind, Chandler and the word "gay" have been side by side throughout the entirety of Friends.

There were so many gay jokes!

But really, it seems that the storyline was just not that great, which is why he may have said no.

We will explain it, don't worry.

But no, it has nothing to do with Matthew Perry being homophobic.

It's all about Chandler sneaking into a gay bar because he likes the chef's tuna melts.


And honestly, it sounds pretty funny! It sounds like something George would have to do on Seinfeld.

But alas, Matthew Perry turned down the episode, so we'll never get to see the awkward moments that arose from that one.


"Perry said no, and the story was shelved," Austerlitz wrote.