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15+ Pics So Wild They Got Into Our Heads And Refused To Get Out

As we've seen over the last few years, some weird phenomena can inspire some surprisingly passionate debate.

Not to re-ignite everything that's already been said about whether the dress is black and blue or white and gold or whether we hear "Yanni" or "Laurel," but they serve as perfect examples for how a little perceptive weirdness can heat things up.

Yet, when we're presented with something that is more stark and confronts us with how different it is, words can often fail us. We might find the right words to express how we felt about them later, but that's only because we couldn't stop thinking about them.

Some of these pics are cool and some are disturbing, but they'll all have us thinking about them.

I'm guessing this person wrote this because they've already been stopped for their car's damage, but I still don't think this message will work.

Reddit | afganistanimation

After all, it's not like police suddenly become OK with a car no longer being street legal when the driver is aware of the problem.

Although this person isn't the first to get a Weeping Angel tattoo, many of us probably didn't even know they could work like this.

Reddit | Kilverado

That's right, underneath the "normal" image of the Doctor Who monster is an ultraviolet tattoo of it screaming that's only visible under a black light.

People were blown away by how much this dazzling rainbow looks like a CD.

Reddit | pythagoreal

Please don't tell me that any further explanation is required because otherwise, you're about to make me feel old.

Apparently, walking outside in some parts of Missouri might earn you a visit from these "seed ticks."

Reddit | texsurfin

And yes, it is nightmarish to realize that what seem like insignificant little specks crawling on you actually looked like this all along.

If you had any strange inclinations to put a pig in your trunk, this shows a really good reason not to.

Reddit | Import

Not only is it hard to argue that the pig is all that safe back there, but this idea is also really rough on the tail lights.

And if the cops wouldn't already notice that it was busted before, this would certainly draw attention to that.

What we're seeing here is a tree literally burning from the inside.

Reddit | Heercamelot

Apparently, this is just one of the effects that lightning can have when it strikes a tree.

We're in the most danger when lightning knocks the tree over, but this seems even more unnerving.

When nobody uses a chimney for 25 years, some wild things can happen to it.


Although it's hard to recognize out of context, here we see the results of generations of birds realizing this was a good place to build their nests.

It's amazing how easy it is to overlook something strange when it's on an everyday object.

Reddit | Rackintosh

If I didn't tell you that an angry frost giant's face is in the middle of this door hinge, would you have ever noticed?

This isn't some kind of movie set, but rather a very real building captured from a weird angle.

Reddit | pillow_fite

So although you can enter this Italian sandwich shoppe and actually satisfy your hunger, it appears to be two-dimensional.

You can usually expect most McDonald's locations to look pretty much the same, but this one comes as a bit of a surprise.

Reddit | ebook_appraiser

You might notice that it's a lot fancier than usual with leather couches in this specially marked off dining area.

Apparently, it's not even like McDonald's is just classing it up in another country, either. This is in San Diego.

Although the striking purple coloration of this bug is pleasant to look at, it's happening for a much less pleasant reason.

Reddit | huniibunnii

Apparently, a virus known as iridovirus changed the bug's color by forming crystals under its exoskeleton.

This car looks like it's full of secrets but in reality, the big secret is the car itself.

Reddit | purpleeliz

Although it clearly had to go out into the world to make this trip, the makers of this 2020 car didn't want to reveal its design to the public yet.

So it had to be completely covered up like this before it took to the streets.

Apparently, the buses in some Canadian cities have warnings that let people know when they've filled up.

Reddit | irrelevantnonsequitr

And as is the custom there, the bus is apologizing to us for any inconvenience caused by this fact. It's so polite!

Sometimes, we just have to stand back and wonder how the things we're seeing are even possible.

Reddit | iHaveACatDog

And in this case, it might be a good idea to stand really far back because I wouldn't be surprised if these boxes toppled over at any moment.

After all, I'm more surprised that they already haven't.

I guess any crew that works on this has an easy way to tell when someone new shows up on the job.

Reddit | Fzohseven

After all, the new guy might jump when he sees this, but an old pro will immediately know that somebody didn't feel like taking this chandelier down before they put the ceiling in.

This doll manages to rise above the pack in creepiness, but it's actually made of pretty ordinary materials.

Reddit | QualityCucumber

Although its hair is rumored to be made from real human hair – and there's some debate on that –the rest of it is made from simple buttons.

Yeah, there's apparently a way to make buttons terrifying.

One might expect this to be someone's makeshift spike trap, but this actually happened naturally.

Reddit | louisiiiiiiii

Although most of this log rotted away from the inside, these spikes mark the places where their branches grew and likely remain.

This hoodie doesn't change color at night, but it might seem that way if you only saw it in photographs.

Reddit | Slipperyfister

That's because it's made of highly reflective material and simply appears different depending on whether the photo was taken with the flash on or off.

For some reason, this band's entire gimmick involves the fact that they play on one square meter of stage.


The Dutch band is called, "De vierkante meter," which actually does translate to "The Square Meter."

And speaking of translation, it may help to know that one square meter is about 10 square feet.

While it makes perfect sense to have a framed photo of a dog, that's not what this is.

Reddit | Lordbobson

Instead, somebody took a picture of a piece of toast that looked like a dog was peeking out of the toaster and decided to frame it.

OK, then.

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