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Miley Cyrus Savagely Roasted Her Dad's Instagram Post

Miley Cyrus has had a busy year. You may have heard about a number of things happening to, because of, and around her: Her and Liam Hemsworth divorcing after a decade together, her new relationship with Kaitlynn Carter, the breakup of her relationship with Kaitlynn Carter, her new song on the Charlie's Angels soundtrack, and almost certainly more.

Just because she's busy doesn't mean she has no time to roast her dad, Billy Ray Cyrus, on Instagram.

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Just like most people's dads, Billy Ray does not know how to use Instagram optimally. Check out the quality of this picture he shared, captioned, "30 yrs ago me & my dad standing w/ the #UAW working men & women #MusicChangesEverything."

Miley was obviously not here for this disrespect to the platform.

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Miley's comment immediately called out Billy Ray for using a Blackberry to take a photo of a photo, like an animal.

People obviously found this very relatable.

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For a while, my dad's thumbs were too big to hit the buttons, so every caption he wrote on Facebook was littered with random emojis that he didn't know how to delete.

Same energy.

This person asked the real question.

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Who owns a BLACKBERRY in the year 2019? An Android is an understandable and forgivable sin on its own, but a Blackberry?

We're all living in 2019, but Billy Ray Cyrus is living in 2009.