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12+ Eco-Friendly Ideas More Companies Should Start Implementing

Amy Pilkington 28 Sep 2019

Wherever you stand in the human-caused climate change debate, I think we can all agree that humans produce a lot of trash and cutting down on waste and pollutants is a net positive.

True change requires everyone to work together both in large ways and in those small changes that can add up to make a big difference.

More and more people are beginning to try new ways to package items or build things a little bit better, and people have begun to notice and share their favorite discoveries.

1. Instead of a bag, just add a handle.

Reddit | notloh

Shoes are one of those products where even though they have a sturdy package, you end up getting a bag just so that you can carry them easily.

Instead, this shoe store adds a handy strap, which uses far less plastic.

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2. Big events can result in thousands of discarded paper bracelets.

Reddit | RealSushiSandwiches

This one is full of wildflower seeds and can be planted after the event ends. Just make sure that you aren't planting it in a place where the plants aren't native.

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3. Ice cream served in a banana leaf bowl.

Reddit | hey_imKramer

Sure, cones are waste-free, since you eat them, but not everyone wants a cone. This clever bowl with its wooden spoon is a great alternative to plastic and waxed cardboard.

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4. Gamification really does work.

Reddit | Oltarus

Is it kind of silly to think a toy basketball hoop could make a difference? Sure, but by turning trash into a game, it can cut down on the amount of littering.

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5. Keeping score is a common strategy.

Reddit | lolersaurus

This water bottle refill station actually keeps count of how many plastic water bottles have been saved by people using it.

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6. Cigarette butts are a major litter problem.

Reddit | p4d4

Besides being unsightly, the chemicals in the butts are terrible for the environment and end up in city water systems.

Some brands are beginning to provide more eco-friendly ways to collect them.

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7. Making every drop count.

Reddit | halfandhafu

Water taps drip and usually the water either puddles on the counter or gets wasted down a drain. This cafe put a planter underneath to catch them.

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8. A lot of bananas go to waste before they're ever purchased.

Reddit | WholesomeSwissCheese

This grocery store gets a bit more milage out of them by collecting overripe leftovers into bags with an easy banana bread recipe printed right on them.

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9. A lot of smaller produce gets sold in plastic or styrofoam containers.

Reddit | treanegno

But this supermarket changed it up by using tiny paper bags instead, which are a recyclable and more sustainable alternative.

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10. This is a vending machine for liquid soap.

Reddit | LexOtterly

Which is a great idea. Instead of buying a new, plastic bottle of shampoo or laundry detergent, you can reuse an old bottle or even get a nice glass one.

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11. Hotels are starting to get in on the trend too.

Reddit | SlipperyPockets

It used to be that the height of luxury meant brand new white towels and perfectly small bottles of toiletries, but more hotels and their guests are appreciating eco-friendly solutions.

This hotel has "The Rag" which is an old towel they request be used to clean off makeup or other staining messes, saving the bright white towels from the trash.

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12. Coffee grounds make great compost.

Reddit | dazz9573

More and more cafes are opting to give their used grounds away for free instead of just throwing them in the trash.

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13. Disposable pens are a big source of plastic waste.

Reddit | Tyler__Harris

But not everyone is willing or able to switch to refillable, albeit more expensive, writing implements. This pen is made with recyclable plastic bottles and is cleverly designed to show that off when a shadow is cast.

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14. These straws and utensils aren't made of plastic.


They are actually made from avocado pits leftover in the production of guacamole and oil. They are inexpensive and 100% biodegradable.

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15. This bench is made of recycled grocery bags.

Reddit | Antrikshy

Plastic benches are great because they can last longer and don't require repainting.

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16. We've all seen pics of marine life caught in six-pack rings.

Reddit | sokke_the_real

These cans don't need plastic rings, though. Instead, they are attached with a special dot of sturdy glue that comes free with a twist.

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17. This laundry detergent cuts down on a whole lot of plastic.

Reddit | phampug

It's not 100% plastic free, but compared to a regular bottle, the thin plastic bag inside the cardboard bottle is a lot less wasteful.

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18. I had no idea you could make plastic items out of old chewing gum.

Reddit | Ollymotion

On one hand, that is super cool, but on the other hand, it's really making me rethink every piece of gum I've ever chewed.

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19. No paint needed for these parking spots.

Reddit | TheNeptunian

Instead of fully paving the lot and then painting lines, asphalt-free lines were left free to grow grass.

Besides being eco-friendly, this could also help with rainfall, since the grass gives water someplace to go.

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20. Instead of wood, this pencil is made from recycled newspaper.

Reddit | bonron_longdong

Wood pencils are fairly sustainable, but I'm all for finding new ways to recycle more things. Plus, it looks really cool when you sharpen it.

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