Nestlé Toll House

These 'Grinch'-Inspired Cookies Will Make Your Heart Grow More Than Three Sizes

The Grinch isn't being a meanie this time around, because Nestlé is already releasing their Pinch of Grinch cookie dough soon.

He must really be in the Christmas spirit!

It might seem unappetizing to eat a green cookie, but not when it's 'The Grinch'-inspired!

Nestlé Toll House

This green Grinch cookie dough by Nestlé is complete with the Grinch's red heart. Such a cute touch!

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Each package will be available starting in October, and the 20 cookies will retail for $3.

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Look out for it at our favorite place on Earth Target, Kroger, and other grocery stores super soon!

This just makes me want to scream "dahoo dore!"


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