Hair Dresser Transforms Toddler's Accidental DIY Haircut Into A Fabulous Style

One milestone of our childhoods that we'd all rather forget is giving ourselves terrible, uneven haircuts. I don't know why this is a rite of passage all children go through, but our parents have the photographic evidence of it all.

Thankfully, one hairstylist was able to save the day when a toddler was the victim of a DIY haircut at the hands of her creative, but not-so-skilled, brother.

If there's one thing that every parent knows, it's that kids and scissors don't mix.

Unsplash | Matt Artz

I shudder to think back to all the DIY haircuts I gave myself. Now that I'm a parent, I always make sure to keep the scissors out of reach unless I want my son to give himself a crew cut.

Jen Bullock, a hairstylist from Ohio, recently shared some photos after she had to make a "house call" for one little girl.

Facebook | Jen Bullock

Jen was called to her friend Breana's house after her three-year-old son gave his sister, Kimber, a haircut.

Breana knew something was up when her two kids were being awfully quiet.

She soon discovered her son had converted a closet into a salon of sorts and was giving his sister a new look.

And while she found the situation funny, she knew she had better call Jen and get it fixed fast.

Unsplash | Paul Hanaoka

Would describing this as a "hair emergency" be overreacting?

Here was the aftermath of Kimber's DIY haircut.

Facebook | Jen Bullock

As you can clearly see, her brother chopped off a significant portion of her blonde locks on one side of her head.

Jen got to work giving Kimber a modern 'do.

Facebook | Jen Bullock

Thankfully, short hair and shaved sections are in style right now.

Jen transformed Kimber's hair into an edgy but adorable asymmetrical pixie cut.

Facebook | Jen Bullock

This was a truly amazing transformation!

She kind of looks like a mini Pink, don't you think?

Facebook | Jen Bullock

Like I said, this look is super trendy right now with celebrities.

Honestly, the resemblance is uncanny.

Both Kimber and Pink can totally rock this look. Maybe Kimber can experiment with spiking it up, too.

Interestingly, Pink's daughter also recently shaved the side of her head for an edgy new 'do.

Maybe this will be the trendy hairstyle among adults and kids this year!

When Jen shared the photos of Kimber's haircut to Facebook, they went viral.

Facebook | Heather Keenerts

The photos have generated thousands of comments with many people complimenting Jen on her fabulous save.

It also prompted parents to share their own DIY haircut horror stories.

Facebook | Pam Rontti

Unfortunately for some parents, their own kids' DIY haircuts were past the point of salvation.

And the post brought back memories of people's own terrible toddler haircuts.

Facebook | Selina Goss

I'm sure somewhere in my parents' house, there is a picture of me with very lopsided bangs and I definitely couldn't pull off my haircut as well as Kimber did.

Overall, people were applauding this creative solution.

Facebook | Ezmay Lienhart

I love seeing solutions that are both pretty and practical.

So, let this be a lesson to all the parents out there.

If your kids are being suspiciously quiet, that probably means they're doing something they shouldn't be.

If they do happen to give each other haircuts, be sure to have a skilled hairstylist on speed dial to help you come up with a creative solution.

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