10+ Horror Movies And Shows For Every 'Haunting Of Hill House' Fan

Alright so, we're probably going to look for movies based on ghosts or at least some with a pretty thick atmosphere.

With Halloween coming up, add these to your list of movies to watch!



I believe this little ditty is directed by the same guy who did The Haunting Of Hill House, so a lot of the same elements are at play in this movie about a deaf girl being tormented.


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This series about a radio journalist who goes to investigate a series of unexplained disappearances at a neuroscience research facility is dripping with mystery, atmosphere and, of course, some good old horror.



They're hereeee....

There are so many good moments in this movie, it's actually hard to count them all. The clown is probably the one that scarred me the most as a kid.



Sure, it's not a ghost haunting this family, but it's a demon.

I'd say that demons and malicious ghosts are pretty similar. They're both pretty spooky and would suck to have.

'The Amityville Horror'


Sure, the 1979 version of this movie might look a little hokey at first, but the atmosphere and the husband's slow descent into madness is just... just absolute horror perfection.

'The Sixth Sense'


The movie that kicked off M. Night Shyamalan's career is one that is really creepy and has an awesome twist at the end.

We can probably blame this one for his movies all having twists.

'The Others'


Like The Sixth Sense, The Others has a twist so shocking that you're going to have to watch it twice, just to see where the twist plays into the rest of the story.

'A Tale of Two Sisters'


This Japanese horror flick is about two sisters who return to their home after a long stint in a mental institution, only to find their father has remarried some lame stepmom.

Oh, and the house is haunted.

'The Entity'


Warning: If you trigger easily, don't watch this movie. This is your official trigger warning.

This scary story focuses on the fear of being repeatedly raped by a ghost. Didn't even know ghosts could do that.



Aka House, this movie is a whole new take on the haunted house genre.

You can thank the Japanese for all the weird hallucination sequences combined with the tropes we've grown to love.



So you're not all that big into horror and want something pretty light that will still give you the creeps.

That's all good, pop in some Beetlejuice and have the time of your life.

'The Grudge'


Oh man, this is one of the early 2000s best horror movies.

Japanese director Takashi Shimizu has done about six films in this house, but this is the best of them all.

'The Shining'


If you haven't seen Stanley Kubrick's 1980 horror classic, then put your device down, pick it back up, and find a streaming service that has The Shining.

Trust me, it's worth it.

'The Haunting'


Please watch the 1963 version, the 1999 version wasn't very good.

This movie is actually based on the same book as The Haunting Of Hill House and is a great slow burn movie.