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Mila Kunis Is Unrecognizable With New Blonde Hair

Mila Kunis is one of those people that no matter what she does to change her appearance, she's always going to be drop-dead gorgeous. Her dark hair has been iconic throughout her entire career, but it looks like she's decided to switch it up.

Mila Kunis has looked pretty much the same for as long as we can remember.


This is what she looked like when she played Jackie on That '70s show.

And throughout her career, she has kept those brunette locks.

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Why change a good thing, right?

She did rock a blonde wig for a hot minute in "The Spy Who Dumped Me".

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But again, that was a wig, so it doesn't count.

Like all of us, Mila may have decided to switch up her look — possibly to deal with some stress.

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As you may of heard, she and hubby Ashton Kutcher have been in the media quite a bit lately.


With the release of his ex-wife Demi Moore's tell-all biography in which she reveals some pretty dark details about him.

Demi talks about how she regrets her threesome with Ashton, as it eventually lead to his infidelity.


And we couldn't imagine how Mila must be feeling through all of this.

While Mila hasn't publicly commented on the tell-all, Ashton's tweet that seemingly was a response to Demi did include her.

Of course, Ashton's response also included a number to text for "the truth," which turned out to be a marketing ploy, but just this tweet was kind of sweet on its own.

Anyway, Mila was just spotted out and about with a brand new look.

I'm not sure how whoever took these pictures knew it was her — with the blonde hair and baseball hat on, Mila is almost unrecognizable.

She didn't just go blonde.

Mila also went for a bit of Harley Quinn-inspired fun by dip-dying the ends of her hair a bright turquoise blue.

Is the dip-dye trend going to make a comeback?

I thought we had all gotten over the belief that if we just dropped the ends of our ponytails into hair dye it would look good, but if Mila is out here rocking it, then who knows?

All we know is that this definitely doesn't look like a wig.

Maybe she liked the blonde so much in The Spy Who Dumped Me that she wanted to try the real thing?

What do you think of Mila's new look?

I'm not sure if I'm crazy about it on her, but anything's got to be better than the bowl cut trend that's having a major moment right now.