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This Company Makes Magical Playhouses That Look Like A Dream Come True

If you could offer your kids a dream playhouse that looks like it came straight out of a storybook, would you? Well, now you actually can. One family-owned company called Charmed Playhouses is doing just that.

They create the most beautiful, elaborate and whimsical playhouses for kids that even adults can appreciate. You gotta see this.

Charmed Playhouses story began with just one playhouse Tyson Leavitt, the CEO and owner, created for his kids to give them the most epic funhouse he could imagine.

Little did he know his DIY would turn into a company.

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After showing his idea at a local home and garden show in Lethbridge, Alberta, Tyson's playhouse garnered a ton of interest from other parents wanting playhouses for their kids.

It's easy to see why!

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Eventually, Tyson and his family sold his landscaping business so he could focus on building dream playhouses for many kids.

And that's how Charmed Playhouses was created.

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Now, kids everywhere can enjoy Tyson's imagination put into action with the most amazing and grand playhouses.

They create unique and fun spaces for kids to explore their imagination.

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There was even a reality TV show called "Playhouse Masters" that was featured on TLC.

Tyson and company have even worked with celebrities such as NBA MVP Stephen Curry.

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Charmed Playhouses create castles, treehouses, ball pits, horse swings, tube slides, and climbing walls.

And they will work with their clients to build a child their dream playhouse.

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The process of building a playhouse starts with parents asking their kids what kind of dream funhouse they would like.

Then they work out a plan to fit the budget.

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The next step involves their designer sketching out the concept over a Skype call so they can get all the elements just right and work out any details.

It's all starting to come together.

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The third step is when the building of the dream playhouse takes place.

You can even get updates via social media to see the progress of the project.

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Then, the final step is the delivery and installation of the finished piece.

That's when the parents and kids can just sit back, relax and watch the magic happen.

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Now, you may be asking how much does this type of custom playhouse cost?

Well, the average price will set you back about $40,000. So it's definitely an investment.

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So, hey, if you have the funds it's definitely worth it to give your child a unique and fun place to play that's both safe and incredibly imaginative.

I kind of want one for myself!

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If you have a backyard big enough to accommodate a playhouse and can wait about four-six months for the project to be completed, I say go for it.

Why not, right?

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Wow, looking at these elaborate and gorgeous dream playhouses makes me wanna be a kid again.

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Imagine playing in one of these funhouses? That must be truly something.

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