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Sweet Photos Show Nine Firefighter Dads Posing With Their Newborn Babies

Caitlyn Clancey 26 Sep 2019

Talk about a baby boom!

Incredibly, a South Carolina fire department recently welcomed nine newborns into their family, all within five months of each other, and to commemorate the special occasion, a photo shoot was definitely in order.

Prepare yourself because these are some ridiculously adorable snaps.

The first of these nine babies was born on March 10 and the last was born on July 12.

Facebook | Rancho Cucamonga Fire District

In total, there are seven girls and two boys in the bunch, distinguished in the pictures by sweet hair bows as they pose in their firefighter father's arms.

All the new dads are members of the Cucamonga Fire Department.

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As unbelievable as it might seem, the babies are all merely coincidence — this wasn't a planned phenomenon.

Facebook | Rancho Cucamonga Fire District

Gabrielle Costello and her husband, firefighter Logan Costello, are the proud parents of baby number eight, a little girl named Charlotte.

She told CNN that word began to spread around the department "like wildfire" as more and more of the firefighter's wives became pregnant. No one could believe it!

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The sweet photos were posted on the Rancho Cucamonga Fire District's Facebook page.

Facebook | Rancho Cucamonga Fire District

"Say hello to Rancho Cucamonga Fire's newest little family members," the post reads. "Between March and July of this year, nine babies were born in the department and we couldn't pass up the opportunity to capture this special moment."

The post has since gone viral, amassing over 6,000 reactions and 3,000 shares.

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Comments range from congratulations to cheeky humor as people remark on the incredible nature of the shoot.

Giphy | The Lonely Island

"OMG ovaries," one user wrote. "This is extremely precious. I wonder if they all took a vacation at the same time or it was a rainy period."

Another added, "Def not drinking the water there lol."

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But if we can take anything from these photos, it's that these firefighters are some super proud dads.

Facebook | Rancho Cucamonga Fire District

That just goes without saying, especially when you look at the pics and see all those smiling faces. And as it turns out, some of these guys are first-time dads. What could be better than sharing that experience with your fellow firefighters?

And as Gabrielle Costello explained, it's not just the men who have formed a special bond over the mass pregnancy.

"It's brought everyone closer together, not just the nine firefighters, but also the wives," she told Today. "We share tips and sleep schedules and all that kind of new mom stuff."

h/t: Today, CNN, Facebook | Rancho Cucamonga Fire District

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