11+ Odd Things That Require A Head Tilt

I love me a strange photo.

The ones that need a second glance, a minute to get. The pictures that leave me with a million questions and no answers whatsoever.

And you know when a dog does that cute little head tilt thing? It's not as cute when I do it, but I was tilting my head like mad trying to get through these.

In case you didn't get what I meant, this is an excellent example:

These photos and things are nothing short of curiousand deserve every head tilt coming their way. Don't think it out, folks, just pug it out.

1. This is, in fact, not a chicken drumstick. 

Reddit | neshhhh

And I totally understand that it looks exactly like one, but it's just a rock. It still makes me hungry, though, I won't try to hide that.

2. I understand switching up how you write your numbers every now and then — but right beside each other?!

Reddit | WiFilip

That is just a strange habit. It's like changing a sentence to cursive halfway through. That's not normal. I wouldn't be able to stop staring.

3. I just really want to know if the fly was alive when this went down. 

Reddit | Dankaay

And then, if it was, are we able to thaw the little buzz-buzz and bring it back to life? It'd be like Jurassic Park but less cool.

4. Someone out there is a huge Thor fan...and possibly also a fan of confusing children. 

Reddit | wondermanatee

I guess the whole dragon isn't accurate yet, but come on. At least get his hair blowing in the same direction as the cape.

5. I always knew that milk delivery was a thing, I just didn't know it had a door. 

Reddit | Mgdisney22

Like a mini door. Which is adorable, truly, and I kind of wish that this was still a thing...but with wine instead.

6. Now this one requires a literal head tilt.

Reddit | readerbynight

But I have to give props for the clever billboard idea. Sometimes, the easy thing is the smartest thing, and that's the best advice I'll give all day.

7. Is it just me, or is this towel man a little creepy?

Reddit | SergeantLumbus

I'm down for the swans that they do, but this wee little man gives me the heebie-jeebies.

8. They're eager to please, that's for sure. 

Reddit | Nadrioc

But I think this is just an overwhelming amount of TP, and I would be very confused. Especially if I was drunk.

9. Spooky pictures popping up at school in random washrooms? Nah. 

Reddit | Moller02

This is both strange and creepy, which is apparently a trend for a few of these. I do admire the dedication to the best month of all time (October).

10. Tie-dye without a cause. 

Reddit | trisarahcop480

I know a rebel when I see one, and I see one hiding in this nifty shirt here. Shades and all. 10/10 would rock all the time.

11. I've heard of shoe trees, but a toaster tree????

Reddit | kiasrai

Surely, this has to be dangerous. The whole idea of it really, but mostly getting the toasters INTO the tree. That being said, it's my fave thing I've seen on the internet today.

12. On the right we have an egg, and on the left we also have an egg. 

Reddit | MsAlpha97

Not a baby carrot or some other little vegetable, but a weird little egg. What the shell, right?

13. This piece of seaweed is blowing around in the most perfect circles I've ever seen.

Reddit | chiken_cs

100% could not do it any better if I tried. And I'm okay with that.

14. Bricks that are not bricks at all. 

Reddit | Peculiarhat

If a brick isn't made of brick, then is it still a brick? Or are they just wooden tiles? It's a mystery.

15. The most creepy and amazing wooden man ever. 

Reddit | BerkshireMtnSculptor

I've decided to not question how this happened and just be mind-blown that this fella exists out in the world somewhere.

16. An egg without a shell. 

Reddit | crescojamboree

Yet another mystery that I can't crack. I kinda wanna touch it, though. I feel like it would be fun to shake around.

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