15+ 'Friends' Tweets That Are Only Funny To The Biggest Fans

Diply 26 Sep 2018

Well, you guys, we did it. It's been 24 years since Friends first aired and we, as a Netflix-loving generation, have managed to keep its spirit alive and well after all this time, like responsible adults.

For the biggest of fans, there's not a joke you don't know by heart, which means that these tweets are really going to speak to your soul.

1. This is funny, right?

Twitter | @thepunningman

Of course, the true fans know that the show was originally called Six of One or Friends Like Us, but for the sake of this tweet, we'll ignore that fun little fact.

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2. Honestly, putting the dots between each letter of the title is confusing to a lot of people.

Twitter | @jonnysun

I too am a victim of this weird and a little unnecessary stylization.

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3. Early on in the series, we see the friends do actual math over a couple bottles of wine.

Twitter | @RebeccaCNReid

And now that you mention it, it is a gaping plot hole. This would never have happened if the show took place in 2018.

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4. Another big plot hole is the limited amount of pizza they always order.

Twitter | @KirstenKing_

I mean, they'd only get like two slices each, which I guess is enough, but also it's not. Not even close.

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5. THIS!

Twitter | @_ElvishPresley_

Everyone is always going on and on about how great the show's intro is, and don't get me wrong, it's pretty awesome, but let's not pretend that clapping that quickly isn't physically straining.

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6. A note to the single and looking:

Twitter | @ItsAimmy

If Chandler can waste a few of his prime years on someone like Janice but still finds his Monica, then there's hope for all of you yet.

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7. Let's talk about that fountain.

Twitter | @Home_Halfway

As a group, they look like they're having the most fun that anybody could ever have, right? But solo? I'd pull my child a little closer, I'll say that much.

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8. And nobody talks about this.

Twitter | @yodelingteigen

Rachel, sweetheart, use a PLATE, for crying out loud! Or at least the plastic bag I know that sandwich came in. Yikes!

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9. As gross as it is that she eats her sandwich like a hobo, we still love her.

Twitter | @SamGrittner

Rachel had the best character development of ALL TIME, don't even come at me for this.

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10. Yes, this is the worst part.

Twitter | @UncleDuke1969

I've been stuck with shoulder length hair and a side bang for 14 years and it's getting kind of boring to be honest.

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11. Let's take a second to talk about Ross, shall we?

Twitter | @DanMentos

I hate his stupid, relatable face.

P.S. you were on a break, but you still a skuzz.

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12. This episode is something else.

Twitter | @MadeinTampa

It's only after Monica realizes that her Valentine's gift was lame that she decides she'll make Chandler whatever food he wants. A little late there, honey.

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13. It me.

Twitter | @jonnysun

Kind of like Phoebe's roommate, Denise. Nobody really knows who I am, I'm just kind of there, you know?

(I'm sorry, I'll stop being such a downer, starting now).

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14. If Janice's laugh could be typed out, what would it look like?

Me.me | Me.me

I like to think it's something like, "HAHN-HAHN-HAHN-HAHN-HAHN-HAHN-HAHN-HAHN," but don't quote me on that.

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15. I know it's 2018, but this tweet is still accurate.

Twitter | @TechnicallyRon

Although Rachel would have moved on to Bumble because we all know that Tinder is very much canceled by now.

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16. I just have one thing I want to say...

Twitter | @danacbell

"P as in Phoebe, H as in Hoebe, O as in Oebe, E as in Ebe, B as in Bebe, and E as in…'ello there, mate!"

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17. Are you even a true fan if you haven't tried this move?

Twitter | @ch000ch

The reality is, if any fan is within 30 feet of you, they can't help but party in that fountain with you!

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18. Of course, not everyone is a fan.

Twitter | @Marcmywords2

Wow, could they be more rude? Why pass up that opportunity? I mean, how much more friendly can you get than a Friends fan?!

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19. She makes an excellent point.

Twitter | @veIvetchanel

Except, I don't see the problem with that last one. What's not to like? Custard? Good! Jam? Good! Meat? GOOD!

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20. I gotta hand it to this guy, 10/10 episode name.

Twitter | @DanEdisonComedy

We also would've accepted "The Rosserection," "Rossident Evil," "Little Rosscals," or "The Ross Word: Jurassic Perk."

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21. Uh-oh — I hope the chick is okay, at least!

Twitter | @Dan_KP

I never knew Joey and Chandler were secret criminals! Well, unknowing criminals, at least. But I don't care — that duck was one of the best things that happened to those two!

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22. This is how the real fans do!

Twitter | @BaileyXLinc

I'm sure most of us just get insulted at this point that the button even bothers to show up! Plus, the clapping moments in the song are a great time to sneak out a little fart.

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23. Just a little lifehack for us.

Twitter | @ch000ch

I'm sure your neighbors have called in tons of noise complaints because of this — so just wait for thunderstorms or fireworks before you practice!

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24. We all know this isn't gonna happen.

Twitter | @Pandamoanimum

And even if we did find an episode we've never seen before, we're definitely gonna watch it before jumping into some portal, right?

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