16 Good Movies That Almost Had Unbelievably Bad Titles

Diply 24 Jan 2018

I can't imagine Casablanca with a different title, but it almost happened.

In fact, just like a script, movie titles are often changed many times before the film is released.

Fortunately, that means there are a ton of hilariously bad movie titles that never made it to the big screen for us to make fun of.

Seriously, I can believe how bad some of these are...

1. 50/50 was almost called I'm With Cancer, and I can't think of a worse title. 

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Umm, what?!

There is just so much to love about this movie, but I doubt I would have even seen it if it was called I'm With Cancer.

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2. Annie Hall was almost given a bunch of truly terrible names.

Vicky Teinaki | Vicky Teinaki

Can you imagine if Annie Hall had been called It Had to be Jew, or Rollercoaster Named Desire, or Me and My Goy?

I can't stop laughing.

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3. Basic Instinct was almost called Love Hurts, and that's the laziest title I've ever heard in my life.

TriStar | Zimbio

I mean, Love Hurts does perfectly describe the plot of the movie, but that's why it's bad.

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4. The script for Batman Begins was initially titled The Intimidation Game, and I'm certainly not impressed. 

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Apparently this was just a code name used to hide the fact that it was a Batman movie.

I guess that's fine, because the only worse code name I can think of for hiding something's identity is "Batman"...

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5. The Breakfast Club almost got its name from a different meal. 


What kind of world would this be if The Breakfast Club had been called The Lunch Bunch? I don't know, but I'm glad I'll never find out.

It was also almost called Library Revolution, which also sucks.

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6. Bring It On was almost called Jump! and honestly, I don't hate it.

Tumblr | sdneyprescott

But that's only because I think it would have been hilarious if the sequels were called Jump Again! and Jump: All or Nothing!, as Vogue speculates.

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7. One of the most famous movies of all time was almost called Everybody Come to Rick's. 

The Film Spectrum | The Film Spectrum

That's right, people. Casablanca was almost called Everybody Come to Rick's, and we seriously dodged a bullet.

I mean, Casablanca is the coolest name!

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8. Britney Spears' cinematic classic, Crossroads, could have been called What Are Friends For? 

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I definitely still would have loved this movie with every fiber of my preteen being, but Crossroads is definitely the better title.

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9. The code name for The Dark Knight was Rory's First Kiss.

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Huh? Is this an episode of Gilmore Girls or did I miss something?

This title was actually just the code name for the film, but it's still pretty bad. As I'm sure you can imagine, fans figured out it was actually a Batman movie super quick.

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10. Halloween was almost called The Babysitter Murders, and that's way less scary for some reason. 

JoBlo | JoBlo

I don't know about you, but based on that title, I'd probably resist getting too emotionally attached to any of the babysitters.

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11. Not Another Teen Movie almost had a way worse title... that is also really, really long. 

Tumblr | clorkegriffin

The working title for this Chris Evans classic was Ten Things I Hate About Clueless Road Trips When I Can’t Hardly Wait to Be Kissed.

I get it. It's a mashup of a bunch of teen movies. Ha.

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12. Pretty Woman was almost called $3,000.

Twitter | @pjtlynch

And it was supposed to be a lot darker.

Thankfully, they lightened up the plot and drew less attention to the fact that $3,000 is way lower than Vivian's actual rate...

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13. The original title for Pulp Fiction was Black Mask.

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In case you haven't notice, paying homage to his inspirations is kind of Quentin Tarantino's thing.

Before settling on Pulp Fiction, Tarantino almost named the film Black Mask after a pulp magazine from the '20s.

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14. Reality Bites was forced to change its name because of MTV. 

Mamamia | Mamamia

The original title for this cult classic was actually The Real World, but the MTV show with the same name debuted first!

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15. Return of the Jedi had a working title called Blue Harvest for some strange reason. 

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This title was used to deter fans and journalists from trying to get on the set.

I can totally see that working, because Blue Harvest sounds like a super boring movie.

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16. And finally, Titanic was almost called The Ship of Dreams and Planet Ice.

Paramount Pictures | PopSugar

Wow, those are super lame titles. Sometimes simple is just so much better.

Do you know any original film titles that we missed? COMMENT and let us know, and TAG a friend who loves movies!

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