16 Things That Never Should Have Happened — Ever

Everyone makes bad decisions. We've all done some things so beyond questionable it's triggering to even think about them.

And as much as we can't help it when bad things happen, there are some people out there who make it seem like it's their life's mission to do the most questionable things. All I can say is, get ready to feel good about every questionable thing you've ever done!

1. Honestly, I'm gonna hide too. 

Twitter | @broebong

Okay, I'm pretty sure you're not allowed to hit puberty unless you've had several awful haircuts that are truly cringeworthy. We've all been there! But this is just unacceptable.

2. Just curious, where were you heading?

Reddit | phaic1

I'm genuinely confused about what this person's plan was, but I must admit this parking job is superb. Like, look how balanced the car is on that chimney!

3. I think it's time for some new earphones, Zuby. 

Twitter | @zvbaida

As a broke millennial myself, I must say props to you, Zuby, for getting your money's worth! But as a concerned citizen, IT'S TIME TO LET IT GO!

4. I feel attacked. 

Me.me | Me.me

*Projectile vomits all over my computer* Okay, so, where do I even begin? Like, I know bacon is delicious, but this is just disrespectful to every condiment and sandwich-lover out there.

5. When you can't decide what to wear to school...

Instagram | @wot_u_sayin_tho

I know picking out a brand new outfit every day for school is difficult, but showing up as a toaster tells your classmates you REALLY stopped caring.

6. Speaking of interesting fashion choices... 

Instagram | @wot_u_sayin_tho

To be honest, I'm convinced these shoes would ruin any outfit. Like, I'm always down to try new fashion trends, but this little statement piece is a no from me.

7. Need a quick snack? Got some bad breath? No problem!

Reddit | Pidud12

I can only assume that was this person's thought process before biting into this deodorant. But all jokes aside, I'm genuinely curious: HOW DID IT TASTE?!

8. Do you ever look at your best friend and think: "Wow, I love you so much, let's BRAID OUR HAIR TOGETHER"

Reddit | CosmicKeys

Forget friendship bracelets, apparently this is how BFFs prove their love for each other nowadays.

9. But who needs privacy anyway?

Reddit | inu_yasha

I know we're all about getting things done faster these days, but this definitely isn't the best solution if you need to pee in a hurry.

10. And since we're on the topic of convenient bathrooms...

Imgur | LorDoesNotexist

I'm getting some intense anxiety just looking at this. As if using public bathrooms wasn't horrifying enough, I just need to ask whoever thought of this: WHO HURT YOU?!

11. How. Do. I. Use. This. 

Reddit | HopeMyLifeGetsBetter

Okay, let's just give the person who thought this was a good idea the benefit of the doubt. Once I've climbed my way to the top, WHAT DO I DO??!?

12. I hope she ate those Cheerios after. 

Reddit | cubbieshater

Okay, first of all, wow! The attention to detail with every cheerio is absolutely impeccable. But as elegant and delicious as this looks, we need to look deep inside and say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

13. Just taking my pet chicken out for a stroll...

Reddit | thebayallday

Don't get me wrong: I'm all for having pet chickens. I'm sure they're great at playing fetch. But I can't look at this picture without screaming "NOPE!!!!!" at my computer.

14. Sir, you know your iPhone has a front camera, right?

Reddit | Logiel2

I think this dude is on to something. Like, it'd be so much easier to use your iPhone, but sometimes you need a good Macbook selfie to truly capture the moment, right?

15. Detergent for dinner is the latest health fad these days...

Imgur | Imgur

Have you ever been so hungry you wanted to literally eat anything? This is definitely where I draw that line, folks.

16. This is the most devastating thing ever.

Instagram | @humorkingdom

Out of all the unfortunate things on this list, this picture definitely takes the cake (HA!). Seriously, the thought of getting a cake like this brings genuine tears to my eyes.