16 Desserts With A Hit Of Coffee For All You Caffeine Junkies

Diply 13 Apr 2018

I'm all for pairing your favorite things together. That's why I put fruit I actually like in salads and chocolate chips in my pancakes and peanut butter basically everywhere.

It's hard to find a passion stronger, though, than the passion of a caffeine junkie for coffee.

If you inhale the stuff like air and purposely miscount how many cups you have a day, then these desserts are for you.

1. Gooey and chewy chocolate caramels can only be made better with a touch of espresso.

Wanna Come With? | Wanna Come With?

Look at those flakes of sea salt. This is the kind of dessert I let melt in my mouth so I can savor it.

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2. You can't say no to a good latte, and you especially can't say no to a latte cake.

Liv for Cake | Liv for Cake

This vanilla latte layer cake looks absolutely divine, and the vanilla and the espresso are infused into both the cake and the buttercream.

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3. It doesn't count as another cup of coffee if it's a mocha smoothie, right?

Marsha's Baking Addiction | Marsha's Baking Addiction

This smoothie is thick and silky and will give you that much needed kick in the morning.

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4. Ombré layer cakes really can't be beat — and this one's tiramisu-flavored.

The Cookbook Life | The Cookbook Life

The ombré layers are simply stunning. It's also good to note that espresso is there in every bite, from the fluffy cake to the mascarpone frosting to the coffee syrup that's used to soak each layer.

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5. You should always have a go-to icebox cake recipe, and this one's an excellent contender.

That Skinny Chick Can Bake | That Skinny Chick Can Bake

It's a mocha chocolate chip cookie icebox cake, if that helps. It also involves glossing thick layers of mocha whipped cream over cookies until you have a tower of yumminess.

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6. Mocha panna cotta with marscapone cream — don't those words just taste delectable in your mouth?

The Crumby Kitchen | The Crumby Kitchen

The chocolate ganache adds a glorious richness to a dessert that you'll probably need some help finishing off.

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7. I think I could write a list of 100 things I love about cheesecake.

Cake Whiz | Cake Whiz

This no-bake mocha cheesecake would definitely be included, along with its whopping six tablespoons of espresso powder.

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8. Chocolate and espresso will never not be good together.

A Kitchen Hoor's Adventures | A Kitchen Hoor's Adventures

These macarons include a salted dark chocolate filling as well for the ultimate richness of flavor. I might be able to eat 15 at once.

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9. I didn't know you could make mocha chocolate chip scones, but my eyes have been opened. 

Cucina de Yung | Cucina de Yung

The drizzle even has a touch of maple syrup for pure flavor wonder. Can you handle it?

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10. These cupcakes are made with extra-strong coffee and a surprise in the buttercream.

By Jaclyn | By Jaclyn

Yes, that's Baileys frosting, and the pairing with the mocha cupcake is utterly exquisite. I'll take a dozen.

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11. Take a good look at those dark, luscious flecks in the peanut butter cups.

Amy's Healthy Baking | Amy's Healthy Baking

Those flecks are espresso, the outside is dark chocolate, and what you're seeing is double the size of your usual peanut butter cup.

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12. Rich chocolate goodness that you can eat with a spoon doesn't come around often enough.

Emilie Eats | Emilie Eats

This rich mocha pudding actually has avocado in it to make it extra creamy, and then you can say you're getting in your greens.

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13. Shortbread is already amazing, so I'm a touch overwhelmed by shortbread with flakes of espresso.

Lord Byron's Kitchen | Lord Byron's Kitchen

The dipping in chocolate makes this simple dessert look sophisticated — unlike me when I'm gobbling them down.

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14. Let us take a moment to simply admire the marvelous swirls in this chocolate tart.

Bakers Brigade | Bakers Brigade

A dark chocolate filling is always a win, and those swirls? They're made with espresso whipped cream. You're welcome.

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15. The world needs more mocha iced coffee popsicles.

Sprinkle Some Sugar | Sprinkle Some Sugar

The dipping in chocolate is the perfect final touch for those hot summer days where you're dripping with sweat and the air conditioning is on the fritz.

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16. These deep chocolate espresso cookies are so dark and rich that the camera can't even convey it.

The View from Great Island | The View from Great Island

The dough is pitch black and the flavor at the end has all the shortbread notes you love along with chocolate chunks and intense espresso.

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