15 Greenhouse Ideas That Don't Require Any Construction

Diply 2 Apr 2018

I'd love to have a big, airy greenhouse filled with all sorts of colorful and delicate plants. I'd learn how to properly grow orchids, I'd spend half my day digging around in soil, and I'd buy a perfectly darling gardening hat.

Let's get real though. I live in an apartment.

That means that if I want to start some plants, I need to think a little smaller. I don't exactly have room to even store a chop saw, let alone use it, so if I'm going to make myself a small greenhouse, I need to do it without any real construction.

Here's to starting seeds with a minimal amount of materials!

1. Use a large plastic storage container, like one for sorting beads.

DenGarden | DenGarden

Segmented areas are perfect to make great use of the space for tons of different seedlings, and the lid will help keep the warmth and humidity inside.

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2. An easy windowsill DIY greenhouse involves just a planter and the always adaptable mason jars.

JarSpot | JarSpot

Make sure to add a straw or some sort of opening so that your plants get some breathing room.

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3. The container from those strawberries you ate is absolutely perfect as is.

Mom Trusted | Mom Trusted

These kinds of containers already have drainage holes in the bottoms and transparent tops — the perfect greenhouse hack.

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4. Milk jugs are great options for starting seeds over the winter or inside your home.

A Garden for the House | A Garden for the House

The shape naturally has both a breathing hole and a greenhouse-like shield for the plants, plus you can cut them open when the seedlings are ready to be planted.

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5. A yogurt container with half a plastic bottle on top is a great way to reuse your recyclables.

Eco in the City | Eco in the City

This greenhouse is also super easy to water because you just pop the water bottle off.

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6. Bread and eggs are pretty standard on my grocery lists, so I should have plenty of cartons and bread bags.

Hazel and Company | Hazel and Company

This is such an easy greenhouse to make with kids, too!

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7. I love the idea of using a lemon as a tiny planter for a seedling.

My Roman Apartment | My Roman Apartment

The plant can partly live off the nutrients from the peel, and you can stick a water bottle over top for the greenhouse effect.

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8. A nice rotisserie chicken can soon be recycled into a salad!

Homesteading Downsized | Homesteading Downsized

Or at least, the container for the chicken. The domed lid is perfect to give seedlings lots of space, and it's easy to poke a few holes in the top.

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9. This person is trying to grow peas in a casserole dish, and I'm seriously impressed.

Outlaw Garden | Outlaw Garden

After they finish covering their seeds, they can wrap the dish in plastic wrap and poke in a few holes.

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10. Storage containers are endlessly useful. 

The Prairie Cottage | The Prairie Cottage

A big tall one like this allows plenty of space for plants to grow, and you don't need to spring for fancy pots either. Styrofoam will definitely do the trick.

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11. This umbrella greenhouse hack is brilliant.

Garden Therapy | Garden Therapy

Why doesn't everyone do this? You simply stick your clear umbrella in your planter and let the clear plastic do its work. A very Mary Poppins garden.

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12. Eggs are a brilliant solution for growing seedlings because they're biodegradable.

17 Apart | 17 Apart

Just stick a transparent casserole dish over top with some room to breathe and you've got yourself a greenhouse that you can later plant directly in the ground.

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13. We may not use CDs any more, but we may never reach the end of uses for CD spindles.

Shroomery | Shroomery

This greenhouse is great because you can easily place your small pots right inside without any other adjustments.

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14. Turns out all you really need is a plastic water bottle and some ingenuity.

Desperate Gardener | Desperate Gardener

The design of this DIY greenhouse is great for watering and for ensuring warm and humid plant conditions.

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15. Some dollar store picture frames can come together really quickly into an adorable greenhouse.

Pinterest | Pinterest

All you need is tape or glue, and you have a greenhouse (that even looks like a regular greenhouse) ready for your windowsill.

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