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Meghan Markle Just Broke Royal Protocol Again

If you thought Meghan Markle was done with breaking royal protocol, think again.

The Duchess just do so in the most fashionable way and, if it's even possible, we love her even more now!

Meghan Markle may be a Duchess, but she's no stranger to breaking royal protocol.

Starting from before she was married to Harry to now, with her being a Duchess and having a royal baby, she's gone against the royal grain time and time again — and we love her for it!

Like all of the times she wasn't afraid to show PDA.

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PDA may not be an official no-no for royal couples, but it kinda is since most of them don't do it.

We don't blame her, though! Harry's cute; we'd get in some public smooches, too.

Since royal mothers-to-be typically aren't given a baby shower, Meghan travelled all the way to New York to have her own.

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She wasn't about to miss out on those free presents!

She ended up attending the extravagant event hosted by close friends, Serena Williams and Amal Clooney.

While the Queen is known to limit her physical interactions with fans, Meghan isn't afraid of getting touchy.

Both Harry and Meghan have hugged fans, taken photos with them, and Meghan has even broken royal protocol by signing autographs.

Meghan may be a fan of the messy bun (we love it, too!), but it's another example of her going against the royal grain.

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As per tradition, the Queen often wears a hat to cover her hair and Kate often wears her hair down and put-together.

As for Meghan, though? She breaks the royal protocol of females having sleek hair by keeping things a little messy.

When Meghan introduced baby Archie to the world, she did so on her own terms.

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When a royal baby is born, there's usually a huge public affair.

Take Kate Middleton, for example. When she had all three of her babies, she posed for photographs with her newborns just days after giving birth.

Meghan chose to skip royal traditions and do things her own way with baby Archie.

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First, she announced the news via her and Harry's official Instagram instead of through a ceremonial easel placed outside Buckingham Palance.

And second, Harry was the one to cradle the baby for images, not Meghan.

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Usually, it's the other way around, with the mothers cradling their newborns while the father stands proudly beside them.

Now, her latest incident of breaking royal protocol ocurred during her first royal tour of Africa.

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And it all has to do with a denim jacket she wore, which, BTW, makes her the FIRST royal to wear a denim jacket to an engagement.

She wore the Madewell denim jacket while hanging out at Cape Town's Monwabisi Beach.

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She was there to spend time with mentors from the organization, Waves for Change.

The cause uses surfing to help those in communities impacted by violence.

The reason Meghan made serious waves by wearing the denim jacket is because there are strict rules regarding what female royals wear to official engagements.

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For instance, they must wear nude stockings with shirts or dresses and a suitable shade of lipstick.

This puts denim jean jackets definitely in the "don't" column.

Both Harry and Meghan reportedly broke royal protocol in other ways during the trip as well.

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For instance, the couple went straight to work when arriving in Africa instead of doing a formal red carpet entrance.

A source told "Vanity Fair" that they chose to forgo the royal formalities since their trip to Africa is work and not a vacation.

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“This isn’t a holiday and they don’t want it to look like one,” the source told the publication.

“This has been months in the planning and a lot of hard work has gone into the schedule. Their Royal Highnesses want to do some serious work on the ground, particularly at a community level.”

The couple has also broken royal tradition by being asked to be greeted by their first names and not their official titles.

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“I have no idea how to speak to them,” Jacky Poking, secretary of the Bo-Kaap Civic and Ratepayers Association, told South Africa’s Sunday Times.

“We haven’t received any official brief on etiquette. I think that’s because the Sussexes want to keep it informal. I don’t even know how to greet them.”

Basically, Meghan is a rule breaker and we love her for it.

Everyone tomorrow:

I saw Meghan Markle wearing a denim jacket and flip-flops, so I went and bought a denim jacket and flip-flops.

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