16 Funny Pics Where People Just Went For It

Diply 13 Apr 2018

When you see an opportunity these days, you gotta jump right on it! You never know when something's gonna present itself so perfectly that you can either get a great joke or a sweet pic from it, which are honestly two main reasons why I'm glad everyone's strapped with cams these days.

So, today we're checking out people who totally went for it and gave us some laughs in return.

1. Some people are led by their stomachs, not their noses.

Me.me | Me.me

The really gross thing here is that this tray must have sat out for some time before homie took his finger scoop — like, wouldn't you have smelled the stale bacon fat?

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2. That's actually a pretty great price, considering. 

Instagram | Instagram

I mean, that is a legendary item — one of the Deathly Hallows, even. Either that, or this guy is pulling a fast and funny one. I like to believe it's real though, don't take it away from me!

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3. You've got to appreciate someone who snags a celeb snap without even knowing who the celeb is!

Instagram | @will_ent

I'm sure that if this dad put on one of her tracks, he'd say, "I like it." Especially if he's listening to "I Like It."

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4. Always have a backup plan — you know, just in case people start being the worst again.

Instagram | @menstruallydisturbedtampon

And in my experience, it won't take long for people to be the worst. It's one of the things people are best at.

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5. Some people just can't hold in their excitement — and honestly, I can't blame 'em!

Reddit | Flopjacks

As an industry-killing, hipster millennial myself, most of my comments read exactly like Jean's last one there.

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6. I guess they just wanted their dolls to be comfy in their new pads.

Imgur | Imgur

Honestly, it's probably more comfortable than a sleeping bag. If they made a life-sized version, I'd be so down.

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7. Sometimes you gotta take things to their most literal place and see where it goes!

Instagram | @ _kevinboner

This is innovation right here — no more throwing out old pants, just re-purposing them.

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8. I ain't sayin he's a gold digger, but he ain't messin' with no physics major. 

Instagram | @kalesalad

Really, you can't blame a student for getting by on technicalities — it means you've taught 'em well!

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9. Prom is a pretty huge milestone in life, better make the most of it!

Twitter | @eleanorclrke

And hey, is there really any harm done if it's perfectly hidden in plain sight like this?

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10. She finally lived the life that Skittles wants for us all — see the rainbow, taste the rainbow.

Reddit | elicubs44

There's no way this could have been planned, just an amazing photographer!

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11. I've been looking for an opportunity like this for over two years now!

Reddit | milosqzx

The closest I came was writing "Don't neglect the 'balls" as the excerpt for an article that had the title "Random Pics To Please Your Eyeballs."

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12. Looks like a unicorn had too much to drink at your party.

Me.me | Me.me

I mean, he's not technically wrong — I'm sure the toilet will be cleaner than before and smell like friggin' lavender!

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13. Well, there's nothing else to do! Might as well take that opportunity! 

Instagram | @the.real.fails

Hopefully they've got a similar skin tone — mostly 'cause those yellows are poppin'! Don't even tell him when he wakes up, either.

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14. Everyone's stunted at least once — but I donno about going for it this hard.

Instagram | @orngememes

But hey, you gotta do what you can for those two dozen followers you've got, right?

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15. First of all, I didn't realize Barbie had a credit card line, really.

Me.me | Me.me

But also, more people should adapt the kindness of kids, rather than just matching their level of intelligence.

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16. And when it comes to being bored at work, you could do worse than creating a new office best friend.

Reddit | zargon1978

I'm pretty sure they were going for an Office Space vibe here, so that earns extra points.

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