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Adam Levine Shows Off New Cornrow Hairstyle

When you think about Adam Levine, you obviously think about ahhhhhhhmazing rock n' roll music. Hi Maroon 5, how are ya?

After that, you might also think about Adam Levine's VERY kewl hair choices throughout the years.

He's very ~edgy~ okay? It's called rock n' roll, sweetie. Look it up.

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Remember this mohawk moment?

Or when he fully went platinum blonde?

Emotionally, it's been a long journey for the sweet, sweet Maroon 5 fandom.

So when Adam Levine debuted this ~lewk~ at the Summertime Ball a few months ago, fans were relieved!

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Things were looking good!

But then, anarchy.

While out and about yesterday, Levine was rocking a shaved head and cornrows and lemme tell ya something guys.... this ain't it!

We have hit rock bottom on the Adam Levine hair journey, tbh.

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What do you think of Levine's new 'do? Let us know in the comments below!

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