16 Times People Fixed Problems By Making Them Worse

Look, when you have a problem, the solution needs to fit that problem, right? So when it comes to extraordinary problems, you need to find extraordinary solutions. Sometimes, though, that solution is a little over-the-top. Sometimes, it's a lot over-the-top. Sometimes, you wonder how anyone came up with that solution in the first place, given how utterly insane it looks.

1. If you've gotten married since Pinterest became popular, this is actually an ingenious solution since you've got a closet full of unused mason jars anyway.

Reddit | DrDuranie

There's only so many mason jar candles you can use in the summer, after all.

2. I've got all these plants I want to grow, but no planters. I need the creepiest thing ever conceived to plant them in — bonus points if it slowly drives me insane.

Reddit | Ifernandog

Say no more, fam.

3. Finally, an acceptable use for any DVD cases still cluttering up your life!

Reddit | ilovechickensmate

Looking at this, I realized that I actually don't own any DVDs anymore. Guess I'll have to use glass like some kind of chump.

4. Fixed the shelf, boss. Oh yeah, it should be fine. You aren't planning on eating tomato soup anytime soon, right?

Reddit | Scorpionoxide

I'd laugh, but my bed is kept upright by load-bearing books. I use the middle works of Stephen King because they're thick and I don't plan on rereading them.

5. No, Officer, you've got it all wrong! It just looks like a bomb that could go off at any second. In reality, I saved $20 on an electric screwdriver by just making my own!

Reddit | AdnanRKhan

Whaddya mean this looks like a public safety hazard?

6. What am I going to do with all of these old jeans I can't wear anymore? Should I create furniture that no sane person would ever find a use for?

Reddit | AlpacaOnTheMoon

Way easier than just throwing them out.

7. Broke your light fixture? Don't buy a new one! Just rig up something that shouts "I live in a garage" to anyone who visits.

Reddit | kyrapractor

Plus, you can poke holes in it to make the world's worst disco ball.

8. Strap it together tight, spray it down with WD40, and this car will drive for eternity...or at least until the first cop sees it.

Reddit | Reddit

Also, the engine is literally duct tape and recycled soda cans.

9. My usual headphones just don't give me enough bass, you know? I need to really feel it, right in the center of my brain.

Reddit | catfishdeity

Also, I don't ever want to hear anything ever again.

10. My new mailbox needs to say something about my personality. It has to say to my neighbors, "You should totally question my sanity."

Reddit | Tone_924

Plus, if you cut a hole in the garbage can, they can just toss the flyers right in, saving time!

11. Oh, so you think you've got a mobile home, huh? I literally live in my van.

Craigslist | Craigslist

Can't wait to see this one on Tiny Homes. It's sure to generate some real excitement.

12. Don't let your lack of normal utensils keep you from eating ramen! 

Imgreg.me | webore

Don't let your lack of money, self-respect, other options for food, or desire to not have bleeding gums stand in the way either.

13. Replacement steering wheels are expensive and unnecessary. So are fingers, blood, and life itself.

Reddit | smugboy7

Also, what is that gear shift? What are these seats made from? On second thought, I'll just walk to the store, it's only a couple of miles.

No way to cook food?  No problem! Nothing says a tasty meal like Spam cooked over hand sanitizer.

Imgreg.me | wakio

Just like mom used to make when she was in college and spent all of her money on alcohol.

When you really want people to know you're a gamer, but vape is life. 

Reddit | OriginalNameIdea420

Check this out, if I swing it like a golf club the vapor cloud is still obnoxious!

After the Muppet Show got cancelled, Gonzo had to cut back on options in his car.

Reddit | Reddit

It's perfect — who needs all those expensive options anyway? Reverse cameras are just a waste of time. Plus, you'll never have to pay out for scraping someone's bumper. The chicken might have some concerns though.

For when you want to carry a really heavy purse to put all your really heavy items in.

Reddit | rquartzz

Anyone else think the blue GameCube looked like it had a ground beef patty in it?

Because sometimes when I think of refurbishing an old dirty  chair I automatically think of replacing the cushion with succulents.

Reddit | Seattle1213

It looks terrible both ways but hey, we can't have it all.

Who hurt you so terribly in life?

Reddit | Varad_The_Train

Not only did you do this to your phone, but made a video about it and put it where impressionable young people can see it.

Maybe you thought you were preserving childhood memories but what you were doing was creating nightmares.

Reddit | Goobersita

No one should have to see this but since I did, so do you.

I've never broken a heel but I can imagine how awful it would be.

Reddit | BarefootHippieDesign

But bad enough to glue dinosaurs to your shoes? How does this fix anything? It's rad but...

Oh boy.

Reddit | heretik

I have been there and not had any clean clothes but nothing will ever make me think underwear as a shirt is a good idea. Poopy shirt. Literally.

Oh okay so we just should abandon all regard for literature so we have a place for our knives.

Reddit | mrssupersheen

I would lose all respect for someone if I saw this in their home.

I love jeans and I love bean bag chairs but I hate this.

Reddit | noneo

Can't tell if it's an uncomfortable octopus or some poor girl with eight legs, four butts, and no torso.

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