14 People More Extra Than A Side Of Guac

Diply 31 Jan 2018

Being extra is a way of life. It's a worldview. A political stance, if you will. Being extra is honestly a blessing and any h8ters who say otherwise are just JEALOUS!!!

Take these, no offense, gorgeous souls for example. They propelled the basic game forward. They saw a line in the sand and bulldozed over it. They literally don't CARE if you stare and for that, they deserve our R E S P E C T.

1. Like the inventor of this SUPER extra hairdressing cape (???) lol.

Reddit | OzoneLyra

I mean, do I literally hate it? Yes. But would I utilize it and be very thankful for it? Yes. Sadly, absolutely yes.

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2. BUT TBH who could really keep their cool around the loving embrace of pure animal lovin'???

Twitter | @FLOTUK

They're so sweet and calming and gorgeous and far too good for us plebs.

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3. I am screaming. WHO WROTE THIS?!

Reddit | Scaawt

I love that it's not just garlic bread, and it's not just breadsticks.

Honestly FORGET your eyes and read this essay about what's in front of you.

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4. Lemme just wipe the tears from my eyes real quick.

Twitter | @canceric

Honestly, this is the ONLY way we should be transporting (and thus RESPECTING) our BELOVED food friends.

Nuggets deserve our personal best.

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Reddit | alltheguac

Some people feel the excessive need to share their personal info with the world (ME ME ME) but this is even a lil' too much for yo girl lol.

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Like, imagine you're just casually walking down the street, MINDING YOUR OWN BIZNAS, listening to your true crime podcast and BAM you see this.


It would be very jolting I feel but also yaaaaaaaassss playa.

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6. If this ain't me lol. Whoever did this deserves EMPLOYEE OF THE YEAR.

Reddit | KingsWrath

Honestly "dinner" is a social construct and who is to say what constitutes THE BEST MEAL OF THE DAY tbh.

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7. This dog owner is everything I want to be when I grow up.

Twitter | @jairafarala

Look at this sweet baby angel. Look at his poise. His strength covering a humble fragility.

It's all too much for me right now, brb WEEPING.

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8. This is all I want from a mans. Is it really that hard @men???

Twitter | @creoleegyal

While my selfie snaps are left on READ, she's got a mans tripping over her wtf true love!!!

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9. This person who asked for extra ketchup and instead got the heavens poured onto them.

Reddit | CanadianDeathMetal

As someone who has to beg for literally two packets I'M DONE WITH THE DISRESPECT!

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10. This Mother's Day card that is literally inspiring me so hard right now!

Reddit | RonTheDonBergundee

I mean TBH they wouldn't be mothers without us, the KIDS, so why not make it about us???

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11. These wifi network names are putting us all to shame real quick!!!

Reddit | ScandalHelix

Honestly if there are two things everyone loves, they're puns and wifi so like BYE. These ppl are ICONS!

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12. Like, why is this the most romantic thing I've ever seen? AND THE HATERS SAY LOVE IS DEAD!

Twitter | @squidslippers

Honestly love and fresh breath are both alive and I thank the heavens for that!!!!

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13. If a guy did this for me, like, bye we're married now.

Twitter | @claudiaaIIey

I can't even get a Super Like from not an actual creeper and she finds a guy who is going to the ENDS OF THE EARTH FOR HER.

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Like, GUYS I'm ready for love can I just be Claudia pls?!


An email is BASICALLY snail mail at this point, like this is the most romantic shiz EVER. Bish I am screaming!

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14. Like, who has the time tho???

Twitter | @LipstickThuggin

Like y'all when I open the fridge door I'm seeing breakfast time, lunch time, dinner time and snack time.

I'm not seeing a bunch of eyeless creatures that I need to ASSIST, like??????

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