14 Pics That Made Life That Much More Confusing

Being closed minded is honestly not the vibe rn. Life is full of wild things for all of us to embrace and things for us to see we could have never even imagined in our WILDEST dreams! Let's all just take a moment of silence to appreciate these 14 pics that will hella open our minds!

1. Peep this plant that grew in a MINT you guys I am ROCKED!!!

Reddit | imalittleticked

I have killed literally every single plant I've ever owned so like, has the secret been hidden in my fav and fresh after-dinner treat?!

Everything is a lie!

2. Who says business cards have to be boring and basic? This dentist knows what the people want.

Reddit | luckymonkey12

Including a strand of floss is literally the most ingenious idea ever. This is perf for first dates where I order a rack of ribs :)

3. This Egyptian spice market that included Froot Loops cereal is such a vibe I can't even handle it rn.

Reddit | drdoubleyou

Like we have been clearly disrespecting our fruity friends.

They obviously have so much more potential than I could have ever imagined!!!

4. This building in Atlanta that looks 2-D and is sending me for a hell of a trip rn.

Reddit | jasonballwine

Heights and tall buildings are already SO WILD for me, so no offense but where the EFF is the back of this building lol.

5. This RETRO teacup that was made with a special protector for a man's handlebar mustache I am screaming.

Reddit | strychnine213

Guys I thought we as a generation respected beards but damn this is a whole new level of lurve.

6. The fork that is also a pizza cutter has REVOLUTIONIZED eating for me. Lemme just put on my PJs, order a pizza, and get comfy.

Reddit | archimedes_principle

This will not only replace all the utensils but all the MEN in my life!!!

7. This pasta is giving me trust issues but also now I'm hella hungry!!!

Reddit | lolophynarski

I mean at least PRIANO is telling it's three cheese and actually giving me five CHEESE and EXCEEDING my hopes and dreams.

Love this Italian inspo.

Like all I need is cheese and carbs you guys it's not that hard to please me.

I mean also I'd love a Birkin and a Bently and a Beagle but whatever, I can wait for that drama.

8. If you don't believe in ghosts let's take a look at this FAM.

Reddit | earthmoonsun

H8ters will say it's a shadow but the depth and ANGER in that cat's eyes is an angry spirit from the afterlife r u kidding.

9. I love a subtle adult joke via crochet, it's an F BOMB GUYS GET IT? HA HA HA.

Reddit | Techydad

It's like watching kids movies and getting the jokes they slip in their for us adults. AH it feels so sneaky!!!

10. This man is living his best life and I am so inspired rn.

Reddit | powlito

I dance in the car like no one is watching, but why not JAM OUT in the car like no one is watching?!

11. This toilet paper that is trolling us ALL with its mini roll, but honestly it's a brilliant idea and I need this rn lol.

Reddit | scd22

As someone with v bad allergies, I would love a portable TP. How adorbz.

12. I'm not gonna front and say I think these nails are cute but they are hella nifty so I will give her that.

Twitter | @mixmatchmakeup

Cheating on a test with the help of ur fake nails? I'm here for that drama.

13. Wanna literally be shook to your core rn? These are eggplants before they're GROWN.

Reddit | Th0tsniper

If you've ever wondered why they're called EGGPLANTS, I have ur answer sweet children.

I mean I prefer the emoji but whatever.

14. These poles outside of the liquor store have SEEN things honey.

Reddit | Pirate_Redbeard

I am literally screaming at the urgency these people had to get their hands on some of the good stuff but honestly same lol.

The second this weather warms up this is gonna be me soaking in the sun and sand and swatting away seagulls from my fries WOWcan't wait!

Lemme bust into that liquor store for some ROSE REAL QUICK!!!

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