24 People Who Definitely Should've Paid More Attention

It's hard to find that sweet spot where people can actually get our full attention. In the morning, we're still reeling from the unpleasant truth that we're not in bed, and in the afternoon, we're already done with the day and wanna go back home.

So what keeps us focused? If anything, it's the reminder that if we don't force ourselves to pay attention, we'll end up making these kinds of mistakes.

1. Uh...I guess I wouldn't really be mad about getting my donuts this way, but I'm kinda surprised they didn't even ask if this person was sure.

Instagram | @trapezy

Like, are there more people out here asking for cups of donuts than I imagined? The service industry's wild.

2. Haha, a lot of people don't really understand that you pretty much have to baby-proof your house if you buy one of these.

Reddit | LaughOutLoud28

I thought it was bad when mine hid my PlayStation controllers on me, but at least it didn't try to eat them.

3. Ouch, there's nothing like admitting that "globes" exist to make the flat Earth theory seem totally credible. 

Reddit | Nasha199

I guess calling a globe a "lie ball the government wants you to believe" doesn't really roll off the tongue. Like, have they not thought of calling the world "the plate" or something?

4. You know, I can't actually recall any hotels that asked the age of every guest. Have I been playing with fire all along?

Instagram | @will_ent

Like, there's probably a hotel somewhere that sneakily asked for my greatest fear, and I'm not comfortable with that possibility.

5. Hmm, it seems like somebody was so preoccupied with how cool mirrored ceilings are that they forgot what happens in a bathroom.

Reddit | maya_gaspar

I feel like if Steven Spielberg didn't get the budget he wanted, this would've been the plot of Jurassic Park.

6. I'm pretty sure this is a weird (and expensive) joke, but anyone who's worked in a game store can think of someone who would actually do this.

Reddit | Landslide88

And of course, it would somehow either be Nintendo's fault or your fault that their idea made no sense.

7. Yeah, it kind of helps to zoom out a little bit if you're gonna try the old "put my earbuds up my nose and pretend I'm in the hospital" trick.

Reddit | sailorjupiter28titan

Unless this dude had enough foresight to hide his boss' glasses, I can't see this working.

8. Ooh, yeah. It's suddenly not a very happy Easter if you leave the big chocolate bunny in the car.

Reddit | Onion_Do_Piaza

I doubt it's gonna taste all that great now, but I guess any kid who sees this will be too busy crying for that to matter.

9. Imma just reserve this picture's spot here in the event that someone is actually clueless enough to fall for this.

Instagram | @meme.w0rld

I'm not saying they shouldn't buy the dog, but they should buy him because he's a happy boy and not because someone gave him a stupid haircut.

10. Whoever got this tattoo is a genius. It's the ones who don't realize what's up until it's too late who should pay more attention. 

Instagram | Instagram

And actually, that backwards peace sign is basically the British middle finger, so their intentions were clear all along.

11. Considering how much smiling is going on in that picture, I'll bet this kid wishes he paid more attention in general.

Instagram | Instagram

Even the dad doesn't seem to take any pleasure in this. He's all business, which means he probably has devious plans for that selfie.

12. If you're wondering what needed more attention here, you're obviously not staring at those power lines as nervously as I am. 

Reddit | ErmahgerdMerker

Unless the homie figured out how to turn their car into a trolley, they're playing a dangerous game here.

13. This is probably some kind of performance art or something, but I've caught my clothes on enough crap to assume this is happening for real. 

Reddit | FourthAge

When I say people should pay more attention, I speak from experience. I'm not just some weird focus master.

14. As a fellow beard owner, I can only extend my most heartfelt sympathies to this poor man for his loss.

Reddit | Reddit

I haven't felt this heartbroken about hair since my high school friend caught his butt-length ponytail in an industrial fan.

He was fine, but the tail wasn't.

15. Any movie that ever showed this situation as just a bumpy ride owes this kid an apology.

Reddit | Joseph_Hughman

Sure, they definitely covered where cars should and shouldn't go in driving school, but I can't ask him to stop dreaming. Only to pay attention.

16. I guess I can't really say this person should've been paying attention, but that's only because I have no idea how this happened. 

Reddit | Nebulous_Raze

But I've got some top researchers on the case, and once they recreate this, this person better watch out.

They've got some scolding ahead.

17. I've heard of people cooking their pizza with the cardboard on the bottom.

Reddit | CF_Gamebreaker

But how does this happen when prepping and packaging a pizza? Someone definitely wasn't watching what they were doing here.

18. This is why you check on your kids, even when you think they're just taking a nap.

Reddit | Bobcanuk

What did he even get into and how does one make such a mess?

19. In cases like this, I don't know who to blame more.

Reddit | acesuphigh

The tattoo artist should know how to spell, but you also need to triple-check the tattoo before you allow someone to ink it on your body.

20. I understand getting too excited to properly open your food or something, but really?

Reddit | IC-23

This is an accident that should be left in the past, along with crushed childhood dreams.

21. The only reason I go for a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup is for the combination of creamy peanut butter and chocolate.

Reddit | thedonutcalledjonah

Someone needs to be fired over this, or else make up for it somehow.

22. I use a carabiner for my keys and even that opens from time to time.

Reddit | Avectasi

I'm hoping the fact that they got a picture of it means they weren't actually in any danger yet.

23. I get it. Trash cans aren't cheap. Now what are you going to put your garbage in?

Reddit | lsop71179

But everyone has this garbage can, and you're never going to get it back using this sign.

24. There is very little worse than realizing halfway through or once you're finished in the bathroom that there is no toilet paper.

Reddit | Flam_Sandwiches

I hope you aren't too attached to the socks you're wearing that day.