16 Tasty Recipes That'll Make You The Most Popular Potluck Guest

Diply 15 May 2018

Now that we've said goodbye to cold weather, you're probably going to start getting more dinner invites!

We're no longer all huddled up in blankets on couches, eating pizza, and watching Netflix. People are ready to brave the streets again, and that means that they're actually willing to socialize.

With patio season comes entertaining season, and you're probably going to have to bring a dish or two this year, especially if your friends are into potlucks. No worries, though. We have you covered with some positively yummy recipes that will snag you plenty of invites for the future.

1. The key is to bring a dish that your friends can't help but get excited about.

Life, Love and Sugar | Life, Love and Sugar

A cookie layer cake with chocolate chip cookie, chocolate cookie, and funfetti cookie layers? I'd definitely be your best friend if you brought this.

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2. Providing the group's veggies doesn't have to be a boring task.

A Spicy Perspective | A Spicy Perspective

These grilled fajita vegetable skewers are bursting with fajita seasoning and flavor, and you can continue your chat while at the barbecue.

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3. Someone needs to provide the refreshments, and this raspberry peach lemonade can hardly be called a cop-out.

The Chunky Chef | The Chunky Chef

When you're giving everyone something this fruity and refreshing, you're an instant hero.

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4. The key to a yummy salad is to actually like the ingredients going into it.

Whole and Heavenly Oven | Whole and Heavenly Oven

This peach balsamic caprese salad is full of yummy things like fresh basil, slivered almonds, mozzarella balls, and — of course — juicy peaches.

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5. Believe me, cheesy bread will make you friends wherever you go.

Handle the Heat | Handle the Heat

This pull-apart bread is covered in cheese and garlic, and you can bring your favorite dipping sauces for another level of goodness.

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6. Breakfast for dinner is a known win, but what about breakfast for dessert?

The Sweet Escape | The Sweet Escape

These waffle ice cream sandwiches are great to make beforehand and have in the freezer. Plus, don't you want to experience ice cream soaking into all those squares?

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7. If you serve watermelon salsa in a watermelon bowl, it tastes 10 times better. True story. 

The Gunny Sack | The Gunny Sack

The salsa is also super easy to make. If you can dice things, add lime juice, and pepper, you're golden.

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8. Colorful salad rolls are always good at brightening up people's faces.

Sally's Baking Addiction | Sally's Baking Addiction

If you've never made your own, it's mostly a matter of wrapping rice paper around chopped veggies and your favorite protein. Don't forget the peanut sauce!

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9. Sure, you can lug over a carton of ice cream, but what if you bring this instead?

The Proper Blog | The Proper Blog

Hollowing out lemons is pretty simple, and this raspberry sorbet is the perfect complement.

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10. If you want to be a popular potluck guest, be sure to bring an item wrapped in bacon.

The Food Cafe | The Food Cafe

These honey garlic bacon-wrapped chicken skewers have a honey and lime sauce on top, so...do I still need to convince you?

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11. A good ol' icebox cake comes together pretty easily with only five ingredients.

Life Made Sweeter | Life Made Sweeter

No baking required for this strawberry cheesecake icebox cake — just layer graham crackers, a mixture of cheesecake pudding and whipped cream, and strawberries.

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12. Mini bacon cheeseburgers on top of crispy potatoes? Yeah, that's going to go fast.

Small Town Woman | Small Town Woman

The bottom layer is like a tater tot and you can find it in the grocery store, and then you bake the tiny burgers for on top.

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13. A chocolate chip cookie cone is far superior to a regular old ice cream cone.

Ashlee Marie | Ashlee Marie

You can follow this recipe or use your favorite crispy and thin chocolate chip cookie recipe. Bake the cookie as a circle and then, when it's still warm, form it into a cone. You're welcome!

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14. Potato salad is a potluck staple, but it doesn't always taste this good.

Cooking Classy | Cooking Classy

Lots of garlic and herbs are key to this vinaigrette, and the red potatoes help the salad to look fresh and vibrant.

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15. Whenever someone brings pulled pork, it's a good day.

Stuck on Sweet | Stuck on Sweet

These barbecue pulled pork sliders are made with the help of a slow cooker, and they have a delicious garlic aioli to go with them.

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16. Did someone say Oreos? Was that just my continual wishful thinking?

No. 2 Pencil | No. 2 Pencil

Oreo pudding pops are a fun way to finish off your dinner. Just make sure to bring plenty of extras so there are lots to go around.

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