16 Relatable Things All Girls Do To Mark Their Territory

Having a girlfriend is one thing, but living with one is a whole different ball game. They slowly but surely have ways of marking their territory to let you know that they have arrived.

In all seriousness, there's a pretty good chance that as a girl, you've done a few of these things.

But we can't help it — it's in our blood!

1. There's a very good chance that you will find yourself with a speck of glitter on your face at one point or another.

Twitter | @NikkieTutorials

You're not sure where it came from, and she's not sure where it came from, but it lives there now.

2. Of course, with a shower full of products typically means that the shampoo bottle graveyard is a thing.

Twitter | @eightlemons

It consists of a few empty (or nearly empty) bottles that will only get thrown out when space needs to be made for more empty bottles.

3. The bathroom space in general is a pretty common spot for a girl to start taking over.

Instagram | @southernsweetheart_18

It starts with a few makeup products on the counter, and before you know it, you can't remember what color the countertops are.

4. They get so comfortable in the bathroom that soon enough, they're doing "the perch" on the counter tops.

Reddit | RootersRevenge

Being as close to the mirror as possible ensure precise primping and better lighting.

It's also an art form that takes years of practice and balancing skills.

5. They start leaving things around. It starts out small, like a bobby pin.

Reddit | Reventon187

Not many people know this, but bobby pins are actually capable of breeding like bunnies, and before you know it, there are hundreds of them everywhere.

6. Next thing you know, they're wondering where their spare hair elastic got to.

Twitter | @KayleyCimino

And the answer is: everywhere. They're in the places you'd least expect them to be, like in your shoe or your coat pocket.

Not her coat — your coat.

7. Some girls choose to wear hair extensions.

Reddit | @KeithCarson

And some girls choose to leave those hair extensions in the most random places to scare the unsuspecting guests. This is your life now.

8. Of course, you'll find their regular hair everywhere, too.

Twitter | @che4p

Don't worry — it stops being gross pretty quickly. You might even find that it starts reminding you of her in a loving way.

9. If they're into wearing falsies, you can bet that they're not always going to find their way back into their proper case.

Instagram | @shopladylashes

Instead, they get left out and, again, briefly scare unsuspecting guests into thinking there are giant spiders everywhere.

10. 90% of the time, they'll take their earrings out to sleep, especially if they're bigger than a stud.

Instagram | @stacy_the_connector

And 100% of the time, they'll forget to put them back in and then wonder where they went to.

11. You might stumble across a fake nail or two.

Twitter | @jayzpdiddy13

Don't worry! I heard somewhere that this is good luck.

Just kidding, I made that up. It's gross, but get used to it.

12. On the bright side, living with a girl means there's always going to be toilet paper.

Reddit | kevg73

The downside is that they may choose to live like a total savage and replace the roll the completely wrong way.

13. If you're one of the few people left on this earth who still has cable or satellite, be prepared for all her favorite shows to be recorded.

Reddit | djfivenine11

And then watch as they slowly stockpile until there's no space left to record what you want to watch.

14. Girls are wizards at moving into a space and adding their "subtle" touches.

Imgur | TheRobbStory

But according to this guy, after his girlfriend moved in, he couldn't find anything.

(Pssst, that's because it's not in the middle of the living room anymore.)

15. If you have a chair in your home, and you share that home with a girl, be prepared to never sit in that chair ever again.

Twitter | @JesssWinters

Because it will become the designated clothing chair that isn't actually functional for anything else.