20 Pics That'll Make You Go 'Huh... Alright, Then'

Do you ever see a picture that makes you feel all sorts of things at once, and the only thought you're ultimately left with is, "Huh... Alright, then"?

Like, it's such a vague statement, yet it somehow manages to say so much and applies to so many situations. Well, friends, here are a bunch of pictures that'll make you think exactly that.

1. Huh... So these lyrics totally meant something completely different. Who knew?

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I mean, 12-year-old me was just living his best life, twerking to lyrics I didn't understand. But damn, at least now I know why I turned out the way I did.

2. Huh... I know we all follow way too many cooking pages on Facebook, but I think we're starting to get a bit too carried away now. 

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Trust me, one time I saw that they added four types of cheese to a PB&J sandwich, and I totally felt inspired. But we need to just not!

3. Huh... I guess it's not just kids who are getting more clever with cheating these days.

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We're used to seeing kids come up with new cheating hacks, so it makes total sense that teachers got mad trust issues now that they're willing to hide in the damn ceiling to catch these kids!

4. Huh... I was wondering why no one snapped me on Easter. Makes sense now.

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Let's be real, we made it very clear we were unsatisfied with that new update, and there's only so much trash talking someone can take before they decide to drop us. WE DID THIS, YOU GUYS.

5. Huh... What do you mean they're not getting married?

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You're trying to tell me that this was a coincidence? But...her dress...it looks like it could be a custom Vera Wang? And his tux is probably a Calvin Klein, right?

6. Huh... Betrayed by my lack of intelligence...again. Groundbreaking!

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Well, would you look at that. I crammed 12 chapters in four hours, and couldn't remember any of it when it came to the exam. How dare you?

7. Huh... I thought this was a microwave too. Does this make us monsters?

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Like, it really does look like a microwave, but I guess that wouldn't make any sense, so we should've known better. Oh well...

8. Huh... Our generation is out here making phenomenons out of basically anything, and I'm totally here for it.

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As a self-proclaimed meme expert, I must admit that the chances of this are extremely rare and definitely worthy of recognition.

9. Huh... Maybe this actually explains why everyone loves showering in hot water?

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I mean, who doesn't love to feel like a five-star meal at an expensive restaurant that's hopefully run by Gordon Ramsay?

10. Huh... We're all really this broke, then?

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You know the economy's ruining all of our lives when we're asking for a whole 53 cents back from a group, which means we're really asking for like, five cents from each person...

11. Huh... Maybe this means I won't actually be alone forever?

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Because technically, this means I may have already met my future husband, so there's still hope! Or maybe I'm being too optimistic, because realistically, I will always be alone.

12. Huh... Where was this teacher to get me through years of boring, costume-less high school classes?

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Trust me when I say this, seeing a little dude in a Godzilla costume walk into my class would've made my whole damn semester.

13. Huh... So that's the evolution of Instagram beauty trends!

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These trends always go viral and then it's like, "Woah, where did you go? What's next for your brows?" I guess we have the answer now.

14. Huh... Both are very valid, romantic, honest captions, to be honest. 

Instagram | @kalesalad

Because if we're being real here, what better way to celebrate your anniversary than see a beauty blogger's butt cheeks?

15. Huh... They really messed up this order, but I have a feeling this isn't necessarily a bad mistake. 

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Dylan, you look stunning in red, boo! This mistake was definitely a blessing in disguise, because you're gonna look fire this summer!

16. Huh... Wow, the accuracy in this is making me relive the iconic costumes and choreography in that music video. 

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I am so here for this, you guys, I can't even deny it.

17. Huh... I need to take notes and make sure this is how I receive my next Uber Eats order.

Instagram | @sinnerhoe

"Hey sir, no buzz code necessary, I'll just drop a rope down from my window... It saves you the trip up."

18. Huh... So this isn't a picture of her doing the splits? Alright, then.

Twitter | @kamkyrelle

Okay, how long did you stare at this picture before realizing that her pants are freakishly the exact same color as the table?

19. Huh... I heard Fenty Beauty has phenomenal foundations, but this is just next-level, really. 

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I mean, they say a good foundation can change lives, and this undeniably proves it's life-changing.

20. Huh... I can do that, too! Good for me.

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Twitter has a weird way of making all of us feel so special for doing the bare minimum, so thanks for this cute little pick-me-up!

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