16 Pics That Prove Less Luck Equals More Laughs

Luck is a tricky thing. Some people have it, and some people just don't. It's not something you can buy. No rabbit-foot or horseshoe will bring you universal favor. You can waste all your money and time trying to get lucky, but I guarantee you won't be any closer to winning the lottery.

The only thing you can control in the bumpy roller coaster ride we call life is your perspective. So why not just have fun and forget about everything else?

1. Good lucky scrub-a-dubbin' in this tub. 

Reddit | iBleeedorange

If you get your hands on a good plug, you may be able to salvage this bath, but by the looks of it, you're not getting a shower in anytime soon.

2. Some women have an innate mothering instinct. Others have a biological need to party. 

Reddit | KevlarYarmulke

The thing is, you can't do both at once. You have to choose, and I think this woman's drink just chose for her.

3. If I were this company, I would remove the plurality from this package before a riot ensues.

Reddit | cdndollarsmatter

If I had to imagine what disappointment looks like, this would be it.

4. I guess sometimes a note just won't do. 

Reddit | RykerRoberts

A good ol' fashioned key job is obviously the best way to get your point across in the heat of the moment. How else would someone know you're mad?

5. I wish I could say that this doesn't appeal to me, but after a long week, all I wanna do is cuddle. 

Imgur | PrincesssButtercup

Fill that thing up with some warm water and I'm ready to party.

6. This is the perfect example of what almost always happens when you try too hard. 

Reddit | Uptomyknees

You may not get physically assaulted, but metaphorically, you'll have been elbowed in the face.

7. Apparently, frog legs are a delicacy in some places, but honestly, this Popsicle just doesn't appeal to me.  

DailyLOLPics | DailyLOLPics

I'm sure it was a huge surprise to whoever bit into this bad boy.

8. This is the worst possible place to lose your sunglasses. 

Twitter | @kristakaylynn

You might as well shave your whole head clean and start again. Otherwise, you better get used to carrying around some new hardware on your head.

9. Swings are supposed to be fun, but sometimes, even these trusted playground fixtures can get sassy. 

LockerDome | LockerDome

This is the reason why I wear a helmet everywhere and anywhere. You never know when you'll land on your face.

10. Someone release the hounds. 

Twitter | @BarstoolOH

This guy is every dog's fantasy, every public school lunch monitor's worst nightmare, and every shower drain's hardest day on the job. All around, this is just a very bad idea.

11. Dog's are supposed to be man's best friend. 

Reddit | witepriveledge

I guess this dog just got jealous of this man's other best friends. I can't say I know how he feels, but I can definitely sympathize.

12. Ladies, can we all agree to drink our own milkshakes in peace. Boys just don't deserve that kind of sweet treat. 

KnowYourMeme | KnowYourMeme

Imma make a man work before I give him my shake straight off the street.

13. Jealously is never an attractive quality. 

Me.me | Me.me

The big green monster is like a naked selfie in bad bathroom lighting. We all experience that crippling pain, but no one else should have to see it.

14. For when shoes just won't cut it.

Imgur | disneylandwasok

I know some people have preconceived notions about what you can and cannot wear on your feet, but I for one believe shoes are whatever you want them to be.

15. The thought isn't always what counts. Sometimes, the execution is what counts. 

Me.me | Me.me

I feel like there are other types of buns that would have worked better for this kind of thing.

16. When you finally try to open up to someone, and realize that you still have another layer of unhealthy trauma to work through.

Reddit | Hellcat624

Shrek's like an onion and I'm like an egg. We all have layers to peel back.