16 Instances Of 'When You See It' That Will Freak You Out

The human eye is an amazing thing! It processes millions of patterns and colors every second, giving us access to all the visual information around us!

So, what happens then when our eyes get tricked? Does our brain not work fast enough, or are these tricks of the camera really so good that our minds aren't quick enough to figure them out right away?

These 16 examples of "when you see it..." are crazy! From the weirdly placed pet to the downright bizarre, you won't believe some of what you're seeing...not right away, at least!

1. This delightful family portrait. 

reddit | au2013

2. This future trouble maker. 

reddit | xavfrost38

3. Maybe I'm not as good a speller as I thought. 

reddit | Sheazer

4. What lovely legs...wait. 

reddit | throwawaytoday696969

5. An interesting place to leave a cat. 

reddit | T0rpercla

6. Table for one goat? 

reddit | gubatron

7. Classic photobomb. 


8. You see strange things on the highway. 

reddit | redc1oud

9. This guy parks like a jerk. 

reddit | moneymikey713

10. This one took me way too long! 

reddit | lexjac

11. Someone is always watching. 

reddit | the_emily

12. Classic dad fail. 

imgur | IdriveAdodgeStratus

13. Still trying to figure this one out! 

Reddit | thegnome54

14. This doesn't seem wrong to me because it's probably a thing I would do. 

Reddit | sdotmurf

15. Holy crap! Someone call the exorcist. 

Reddit | xlLeviathanlx

16. Now, I don't claim to know much about computers, but I feel like it might be upside down? 

Reddit | BretOne

17. How did he even get up there? 

Reddit | flyinghipposquared

18. So nice of Target to make sweaters for those of us with three arms. 

Reddit | Hollywood182

19. Just like the rest of the world, I legit thought he was her hair. 

Reddit | Local-Lynx

20. She's a keeper. 

Reddit | PictureHelper

21. Who needs to be invited to the party to have a good time? 

Reddit | au2013

22. Leave it to the dog to ruin a lovely moment like this. 

Reddit | am855906

23. Talk about a Christmas miracle. 

Imgur | madcowga

24. Something tells me he isn't being honest about his work hours. 

Reddit | NoNickname90

25. I have definitely had days at work like this. 

Reddit | fieldslavedave

26. The moment before disaster strikes! 

Reddit | obey-the-fist

27. While the message is valid, strange place to put this sign. 

Imgur | jdglws

28. He's coming for ya! 

Reddit | Goldensock

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