16 Things That Need A Closer Look To Make Any Sense At All

Diply 17 Apr 2018

I don't know if the internet has really made our lives better, but it's been a good way to learn that we're not as crazy as we think.

We might have thought we were losing it after a picture of a frog on a pipe made us think we saw wasabi on a hot dog, but we found out that hundreds of others saw the exact same thing.

So before these pics trip you out, let's explore what they really are.

1. Yikes, this person better repaint their wood chipper before they end up surrounded by cop cars.

Instagram | @streetcatto

Yeah, you can all relax. That's just paint and not the fan remake of Fargo that nobody wanted. The show is good enough, people.

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2. I feel like this is more work than just putting some real flip-flops on, but getting around that "no shirt, no shoes" rule is worth the effort.

Reddit | Achoo_Gesundheit

I can totally appreciate the conviction here. Well done, sir.

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3. You'll definitely want to know the truth before you buy this festive little decoration, because "it's evil" isn't really a valid reason to return something.

Reddit | RealKaptain

Since pretty much every horror movie has a part where they burn the cursed item, we already know that's out.

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4. If you're wondering what exactly this person did here, I'm sure they'll be happy to hear that, because that means it's working.

Instagram | @kalesalad

After all, if we can tell that they put a phone in a calculator to ask someone for answers, so can the teacher.

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5. Even when you've seen someone do this before, there's always that brief moment of panic before you realize this is a beard.

Reddit | thejanetkraft

I wonder if any of these people are even doing this on purpose, or if someone accidentally takes a photo every time they look up.

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6. I thought it was a neat title that doesn't mean anything, but it turns out that somebody actually does have a box of rain.

Reddit | ritzyravioli

Honestly, I'm surprised there's only a little leakage here. This is just the little box that forgot how cardboard works, I guess.

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7. If you look at the toilet and still wonder why I'm just showing you a picture of a bathroom, then I need to know what your life is like. 

Reddit | TaoTeChing81

Actually, I'm probably showing you your own bathroom, because I can barely believe that weird thing exists.

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8. I'll save you the headache of following those wires and just tell you that two of them are connected to a power bank.

Reddit | htmlcoderexe

The legends say that there were originally only two of them, until they accidentally lassoed the other guy, and he became "Bycatch Buddy."

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9. Today, I learned that tie clips and money clips can be totally erased from existence. 

Instagram | Instagram

Somebody just needs to start making designer nail clippers, and then it's over for all of you unnecessary products.

And I'll bet a tie clip doesn't even do anything for your nails. Useless...

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10. So are we just supposed to assume that this product will last forever?

Reddit | RMLovatt

Or did it already expire, and they just don't want to admit it? I need to test this, but I'm not sure anybody's gonna volunteer to be my guinea pig.

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11. I wish I knew enough about basketball to tell you whether this counts as a foul.

Reddit | seebas321

I guess grossing this guy out enough so the shivers down his spine make him drop the ball is a bold strategy, but I don't see it paying off.

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12. If you're wondering whether this is here because of the wacky guy eating or the wacky guy drinking, then I'm happy to say that both of those answers would be right.

Reddit | The_Argentine_Pace

Because yeah, it's all the same wacky guy. Well, maybe not the dude facepalming back there on the right. His reaction's too realistic.

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13. Don't worry, you're not the only one who sees a head and a tail just floating down the street with an intense stare.

Reddit | EndTrophy

I kinda wish it was seeking revenge on whoever took its body, instead of just hiding behind the corner.

Now, that's a movie.

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14. I'm glad this dude told us what tattoo he was trying to get, because I can barely make out that those are supposed to be hands.

Instagram | @kontheabstract

Personally, I thought we were capturing the magical moment where two blurry pigeons found love. Besides, they'd probably still want potato chips.

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15. Haha, I suppose the best photobombs are the ones you only catch years later.

Instagram | @will_ent

And now that I've probably got you scanning the background, I guess I should tell you that the mystery man is a little closer to their hearts than you think.

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16. You know, I'm really glad they added that last line, because just that picture alone really doesn't add much comfort to the situation.

Instagram | @x__antisocial_butterfly__x

"Ah yes, Georgie is obviously the strange pink and blue abomination that invaded my sink. It can apparently talk to my child. Neat."

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