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16+ People Who Have Had Better Days To Say The Least

Sometimes, there really is nothing quite like revelling in someone else's menial inconvenience in order to make yourself feel a little better about your current state of affairs. If that isn't the case for you, then congratulations, you're not a terrible person like I am!

However, I'll ask you to park your morality to one side for the moment, and join me in revelling in the misery of 16+ people who really have seen better days!

"These kids were asked to dress up as Elves for their school play. One kid dressed up as Elvis"

Reddit | ChickenFilletRoll

This is one of my all-time favorite images on the internet, you can just feel that kid's disappointment! This is like the extreme version of forgetting it was own-clothes day in our school and coming in your uniform when everyone else was in their own clothes.

"My girlfriend's cat looks like she’s been working the drive-thru window for too long"

Reddit | kirrk

That cat looks in dire need of a holiday, or a spa day at the very least! She looks like I did when I went to cinema to see A Quiet Passion.Yeah, I said it, I thought that film was awful, so what?!

"Cross stitching on a plane"

Reddit | crazyg0od33

Someone, somewhere is about to receive the most elegant yet angry piece of cross stitching ever made.

"Let’s take a picture with the dog they said, it will be fun they said"

Reddit | flandersgreatest

Dear God this just makes you wince looking at it. Fair play to that fella though, just smiling through the pain for the sake of the photo.

"I took a picture of the moment my two kids realized all the donuts at the party had been eaten while they were off playing on the swings"

Reddit | sahie

That guy behind them definitely ate the last donut, there's no way I'm buying that he didn't.

Big Bird: The Heroin Years

Reddit | omgpick1

That kid will never forget the day that they met their hero, and their hero looked back at them deep into the recess of their soul and devoured it whole.

The Happiest Day Of Her Life

Reddit | Nikthedogdad

Nothing says I love you like you and six friends undermining the supposed happiest day of your spouse's life by wearing terrible boot-cut jeans. Oh, and the t shirts are pretty bad too I guess.

"I’m on a 13 hour flight from LA to Shanghai. Fortunately China Eastern Airlines hooked up this amazing Club Sandwich for my meal."

Reddit | mike_oc23

Yeah, I think you got the low-fat option.

The Happiest Place On Earth!

Reddit | D0NW0N

I've never been to Disneyland so I wouldn't know. I'm not bitter about it or anything! (P.S., if anyone does want to go to Disney with me hit me up and we can sort it)

"Please stop flipping me off..."

Reddit | scarebaer

How many times must this person be getting flipped off for them to need to go to these lengths?

"We went to the beach to find shark teeth, so when my daughter yelled 'I found teeth!' this was the last thing I was expecting"

Reddit | ProbablyNotDrew

Yep, I'd be cutting that hand off and throwing it into the ocean for some other unsuspecting parent to be handed by their evil child.

"Guy tries to throw a Molotov cocktail. 'Back fires' tremendously."

Reddit | betterme717

Step one of anarchist school, learn how to throw a Molotov cocktail at an oppressive regime without setting fire to yourself.

When You've Eaten Too Much Garbage That Week

Reddit | IceBitin_SheDykin

It looks like someone has blown this little fella up with a bike pump. The look in the eyes is one that screams, "Yeah, I've messed up here."

I Just Want You To Know That I Hate You.

Reddit | wu_denim_jeanz

I'm not sure if they needed to specify that the drawing is not to scale. Although, perhaps this was written by a hamster, in which case that may be necessary.

"Happy 90th, Grandma Aggie!"

Reddit | bmc1969

I guess that's one way to kill off a beloved elderly relative.

"Sad day in my hometown"


Can you imagine how amazing that must have smelt though, all of that burning sugar in the air. God I'm an unhealthy person.

"Well this happened about an hour away from where I live"

Reddit | morgyph

I can't tell who's having a worse day here, the person who managed to crash that truck like that, or the person whose house now has a truck coming out of it.

"Car got towed for parking in my spot... wake up to find this"

Reddit | UniversityIDNumber

Yeah, not sure if that's gonna buff out!

"Regrettably decided to not put the brown dog in the kennel when I went to work"

Reddit | grammy1972

Brown dog clearly failed that trust exercise, but look how tuckered out they are! That amount of destruction is hard work.

Caught On Camera

Google Street View

As the Google van recorded, this truck in Santa Fe, Argentina took a turn too fast and the contents slid right out onto the road. Perhaps he should have properly secured his cargo?

"Went to put my glasses on top of the toilet paper holder and it slid off into the toilet. Yay."

Reddit | Rachael1188

Glasses belong on your face, not in the toilet. If they're readers and you forgot to take them off, it's probably preferable to just put up with the blurry stall than risk this.

So Unsatisfying

Reddit | Omareky_

If perfectly peeling a Reese's cup from the wrapper is the peak of the satisfaction pyramid, then losing the entire bottom is at, well, the bottom.

RIP Wood Countertop

Reddit | FayeRebus

It may look like a burn, but it's actually water damage. Even better.

Fork Lift Fail

Reddit | bepiszero

Having to clean up the mess is bad enough, but according to the Redditor who caused it, the District Manager chose that moment to pop by for a visit.

"Spilled half a gallon of Oil on the floor half an hour before the end of my shift"

Reddit | danbroown

Yeah, that's going to take more than 30 minutes to clean up properly — in fact, it took the Redditor three hours. But at least he got overtime.

Just The Biscuit

Reddit | NeonNat

They even admitted that the hash browns were mostly included in case this sort of thing happened. So maybe it's just time to go somewhere else for breakfast?

And, dude? Six creams in your large coffee is basically just drinking cream.

"My dad and I were renovating a kitchen. Owner comes home in an hour."

Reddit | yungPH

Thankfully, as long as you get to this quickly, it should be relatively easy to clean up. The real fun comes a year from now when the homeowner is wondering how paint splatter got in the light fixtures.

Thank God For Surface Tension

Reddit | Tony-Lommi

This was the first time using the new coffee maker in the office. Perhaps the office should also have upgraded the available cups to something large enough to hold the serving.

Or stop using paper cups entirely. People can bring their own mugs and stop the waste.

"My Dad's Car After Him Owning It for 2 Weeks"

Reddit | Outofdatememes8230

The car was in the shop because the air conditioning wasn't fixed by the dealer correctly. Then the van on the right was targeted by an arsonist.

"My local Walmart added a new stop sign"

Reddit | dottiemcfierceon

And a darn strong one too. The post barely moved when the vehicle hit it.

Brand New Laptop Vs. Rain

Reddit | ziggyblues01

This is why you should invest in a good, waterproof bag or a slipcover for the computer itself. Luckily, since it still appears to be working, you can probably just give it time to dry out completely.

"Hello dear, I've found the floppy disk you were desperately looking for yesterday."

Reddit | wunderbraten

Consider this a test: if you get why this sucks so very much, then you're old.

For those who don't get it, those old disks that looked like Save icons were easily erased by magnets.

"First time playing Oregon trail card game and I died of dysentery on my first turn"

Reddit | LIBJ

You are also old if you get why this is absolutely hilarious. This was the sad result of many elementary school classes spent in the computer lab.

"My friend dropped his phone in a vent while jokingly acting like he was gonna drop it."

Reddit | reddit_user_von

Yeah, if your friend's going to clown around like that, I'd say he deserved it.

Though those bars look particularly far apart on that grating.

"The tree above that car is known as the 'poop tree'"

Reddit | guiltyfooled

Presumably, this is a visitor to the neighborhood and was not warned about the poop tree. Now they know and they will never, ever forget.

"My daughter finally realized we don’t take her to Paris every weekend."

Reddit | CaptainPerhaps

This is what getting old is all about, learning that just like the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny, and Santa Claus, there's no such thing as France. A moment this child will never forget.

"Mistaking tanning lotion for sunscreen, while also being a red-head"

Reddit | LolOkYeaRight

Ouch! Those are some serious burns. Frankly, I've never really understood the idea of tanning lotion. Like, why give skin cancer an extra special invitation?

"Filling in a personality test"

Reddit | xDyanne

Well, your personality is I suppose it's better than a "fatal error"?

"Found this in my gym"

Reddit | wildreab

You can feel the fury in the passive aggressive "found" through the screen can't you?