9+ Weird Trends From The 2000s That We All Forgot About

So the early 2000s were not that long ago but it seems we have already forgotten some bizarre trends that were all the rage back then. That was fast. I forgive you for not remembering some of these because, to be honest, they weren't that good to begin with.

Let's take a look back at not-so-far, far away time.

1. Flip Phones

Remember when this was the phone of choice? If you had one of these you definitely arrived. Ha, ha. I can't believe the bulk of these babies.

2. Dial-Up Internet

This is a biggie. If you were able to score home internet, you were really the s**t. Who can forget this sound? LOL! I remember waiting endlessly.

3. Napster

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And, of course, if you had internet and you wanted music, chances are you were using Napster. The excitement of getting your favorite song was palpable.

4. Atkins Diet

If you didn't jump on the bandwagon of carbs being the source of all evil, I commend you. Kudos to you for not following this stupid trend.

5. Affordable College Tuition

If you were lucky enough to go to college in the early 2000s, you literally won the lottery. Try being able to afford it now.

6. Hair Streaks


This is one of those terrible hair trends that I'm glad went away fast and never reared its ugly head again. How was this a good look?

7. Emo Music

If you didn't go through some kind of angst in the 2000s you should consider yourself lucky. Everyone else had fallen pray to melodramatic emo phase.

8. Heelys

I've always thought these were so stupid. How did people even get around wearing those? I have a hard time walking already. LOL!

9. FarmVille

I don't consider myself a big gamer so I never caught the craze that was FarmVille. But if you did, don't feel too bad — you're not alone.

10. Kony 2012

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Even though this was definitely a worthwhile cause, after all the hype it didn't result in what it actually aimed for. But good effort nonetheless.

11. Moustache Trend

Let's blame hipsters for this annoying trend. After it started, you were seeing mustaches on everything, and people even started doing "fingerstaches" which annoy me to this day.

12. Fearing December 21, 2012


Okay, I know many of us still remember this, but I bet some Gen Zers don't even know this was the doomsday we all feared. Ha, ha.

13. Rainbow Loom

Thankfully this weird trend of kids using a loom to make rubber band bracelets died faster than it came out. And I say, rightfully so.

14. Personalized Ring Tones


Admit it — you had one too. Ha, ha! I remember how badly I wanted to have the Sex and the City ringtone back in the day.

15. Webkinz


If you got suckered into this, I don't blame you. Just like I don't blame myself for getting Beanie Babies. We all have our faults, I guess.

16. "That's Hot"

If I ever hear Paris Hilton say, "That's hot" again I might wonder if I traveled back in time. LOL! It was definitely one of the worst phrases of the era.

17. This Bracelet


If you got suckered into thinking that this bracelet can make you more "balanced", I forgive you. But all you needed was the power within yourself, as I'm sure you discovered when these did absolutely nothing.

18. "The Cup Song"


I gotta admit, I love Pitch Perfect but after the movie came out everybody started doing the routine. And it got stale pretty fast. I know it came out in 2012, but it still has those 2000s vibes, you know?

19. Crackle Nail Polish


I honestly don't know why this became so popular. It makes your nails look faded from a distance, or bad and blotchy up close.

20. "YOLO"


It seems that every now and then a saying comes along that just catches on for whatever reason. Yolo was just one of them and thankfully it's gone.

21. Silly Bandz


Just like Rainbow Loom, Silly Bandz took off like a storm. They were cheap, colorful and fun to collect. But then kids moved on to something better.

22. Velour Tracksuits

OMG, if you didn't own one of these (especially in pink) you couldn't even consider yourself hip at all in the 2000s. LOL! I'm just being sarcastic, of course.

Isn't it fun to reminiscence about the good old days?

Well, sometimes it is. I, for one, don't miss dial-up internet or flip phones but I do wish Napster was around.

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