16 Easy Hacks To Make Moving Day Suck A Little Bit Less

Diply 26 Mar 2018

Moving is one of the most exhausting tasks we can do, both mentally and physically. On one hand, it's exciting and full of possibilities. On the other, it's a great big pile of planning and logistics.

You're already mentally exhausted by the whole thin,g and then you're expected to lug heavy boxes around for hours. Woo.

There's no real way to make it stress-free, but there are some ways you can make it easier on yourself.

1. Pack yourself a first night kit.

Instagram | @liikkua.de

After all that heavy lifting, the last thing you want to do is search through boxes for your toothbrush. Instead, fill a small backpack or suitcase with the essentials needed to get you through a night, and then you can start fresh the next morning.

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2. Start collecting boxes from free sources ASAP.

Cheap Moving Tips | Cheap Moving Tips

Even if you know you're not moving for six months, don't put off finding packing materials. Check Craigslist regularly for people giving away boxes, and many stores will give away boxes for free too.

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3. If you can afford it, hire movers.


I always used the "bribe friends with pizza" method of cheap moving, but for my last move, I spent a couple hundred dollars to have a group of guys with a truck handle the lifting and transporting parts.It was the least stressful, quickest move I've ever done.

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4. Schedule your move for the middle of the month and on a weekday to get the best rates. 

Instagram | @megansmoving

Price goes up with demand, and most people move at the beginning or end of the month and on a weekend. By planning around that, you can save money on movers.

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5. Use garbage bags to move clothing hassle-free.

Reddit | randomusefulbits

Sure, you could carefully fold everything and pack it, or buy special wardrobe boxes from the moving company, but a box of garbage bags from the dollar store will make things even easier.

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6. Keep hangers together with zip-ties, tape, or rubber bands.

Reddit | jaglo87

If your garbage bag doesn't have the drawstring top or it isn't secure enough, you can make sure your clothing doesn't stray in transit by tying the hangers together.

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7. Heavy items like books can be more easily moved in reusable grocery bags.

Reddit | pickle_licker

These heavy-duty bags are made to carry the weight of groceries, so they'll easily take a load of books, and you can better distribute the weight.

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8. If you're moving luggage, put it to use to move heavy items too.

Instagram | @callvanmalaysia

Being able to wheel your heavy textbooks into the new place will be way easier than trying to lift a box full of them.

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9. Use a box cutter to give your boxes handles. 

Martha Stewart | Martha Stewart

Because handles make everything better, you can also add them to your regular boxes. Cut them out of the sides, and use tape to make the sharp edge more comfortable to hold.

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10. Get things down the stairs quickly with a makeshift ramp.

Reddit | unkunked

To prevent things from breaking, always have a second person at the bottom to catch the box as it slides down.

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11. Cling wrap is your best friend.

Valerie Write Now | Valerie Write Now

If you don't need to empty a drawer, don't. It'll make things even easier to unpack. Instead, wrap things like dresser drawers, jewelry boxes, cutlery trays, etc. in cling wrap to keep the contents secure.

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12. Use an oven mitt to move sharp items safely.

Ashley Poskin | Apartment Therapy

If your kitchen knives don't have a block — if they do, see the cling wrap tip — wrap the blades in newspaper and slide them all into an oven mitt.

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13. Have a plan, but be flexible.


No move goes 100% smoothly, but by making a detailed plan for the packing, moving, and unpacking stages, you can react to anything that may crop up.

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14. Keep an inventory.

Instagram | @dorroplanner

Whether it's in a notebook, an app, or Excel, keeping track of what boxes contain what will preserve a lot of sanity when the time comes to unpack everything.

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15. Color-code your rooms and boxes. 

Instagram | @mthw378

Pick a color for each room and label the boxes the matching colors. On moving day, stick the same color to the doors and you won't need to direct traffic.

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16. Don't move things you don't want or need. Donate them instead.

DC Goodwill Fashionista | DC Goodwill Fashionista

Moving is a great time to clear out stuff you never use. While packing, collect all that neglected stuff together and donate it before moving day.

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