What 12 Heartthrobs From The '90s and '00s Are Doing Today

If you grew up in the '90s and '00s, chances are you probably had a poster on your wall or a secret shrine to one of these teen heartthrobs.

At the very least you day dreamed and wrote their name emblazoned with hearts in your diary or notebook.

Who can forget JTT's adorable face, or Andrew Keegan's chiseled model looks? But beyond being our dreamy childhood fantasies, what the hell have they been up to?

Turns out a lot, actually...

1. Erik Von Detten


Who can forget dreamy, blue-eyed Erik Von Detten? He didn't only steal Princess Mia's heart, but our own as well. Besides the fact that he hasn't aged a day, he lives a normal life, other than snapping the odd fan photo.

2. Jonathan Taylor Thomas


While the Home Improvement hottie has primarily stayed out of the spotlight since the early '00s, Us Weekly sparked rumours in 2016 that he and co-star Zachery Ty Bryan wrote an R-rated pilot. Two years later and we're still waiting...

3. Joey Lawrence 

YouTube | KristyLee D.

The Blossom and Brotherly Love actor Joey Lawrence is swoon-worthy to say the least. Besides remaining deeply attractive, he continued acting and even had his own show, Melissa & Joey... then things took a turn for the worst.

Things seemed to be working out well... until he filed for bankruptcy in 2017!

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We wish that Lawrence maybe could have got out of the acting business and found a more stable job while he was up and in his prime.

4. Matthew Lawrence


The other half of Brotherly Love, Matthew Lawrence, is the final proof we need that this family has good genes. Keeping his good looks, the younger Lawrence brother also maintains an active acting career.

5. Ryan Merriman


The Luck of the Irish star continued acting and is most recently known for his role in Pretty Little Liars, but sorry ladies, Merriman is officially off the market. He wed PLL co-star Kristen McMullen in 2014.

6. Nicholas Brendon


His days as the nerdy but dreamy Xander on Buffy the Vampire Slayer are long gone. Since then, Brendon has broken our hearts as he battles issues with alcohol addiction.

We only want the best for you, Brendon!

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It's not looking good. He was allegedly arrested for assaulting his girlfriend in 2017. We can only hope that the Buffy star gets the help that he needs.

7. Clayton Snyder


Since his hay days as cool dude Ethan Craft in Lizzie McGuire, Snyder has pursued a career as a professional water polo player. However, lucky for us, he's recently gotten back into acting.

8. Devon Sawa


After starring in Casper, Sawa went on to be the young punk every girl dreamed of in Now and Then. He's currently still acting... and brushing off rumours about his romance with Christina Ricci.

9. Andrew Keegan


Keegan sent pulses raising in 10 Things I Hate About You and 7th Heaven for his drop-dead gorgeous looks, so it may come as a surprise that he is now, quote-unquote, "a spiritual leader."

He went on to start a new cult — er, I mean church — in Venice, California called Full Circle.

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While he claims his organization is a spiritual movement, it eerily resembles something else...

10. Mike Damus


The Teen Angel has put away his wings and moved onto bigger and better things. He still has a successful acting career, but he has also added directing and standup comedy to his resume.

11. Rider Strong


Much to our pleasure, bad boy Rider Strong returned to the screen as Shawn Hunter in the Boy Meet's World spinoff Girl Meet's World. Other than that, he's continued to act over the years.

12. Leonardo DiCaprio


And of course, a '90s and '00s heartthrob roundup wouldn't be complete without Leo. He's likely one of the most successful child actors who went on to star in a plethora of roles...

...Only to be thwarted by the Oscar committee many times over.

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So when he actually won best actor for crawling around in the snow and eating raw bison in Revenant, even he was surprised!