24 Movie Plot Twists That Seriously Messed Us Up

To be honest, the only thing better than a great plot twist is guessing that twist before your friends do.

However, since we can't actually confirm that you totally knew Bruce Willis was dead the whole time, here's a list of the best twists Hollywood has to offer.

Warning: Spoilers Ahead!

1. When Peter Parker discovers that Liz's dad is Adrian Toomes in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

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I don't know about you, but I audibly gasped with Michael Keaton answered that door in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

I also love that it took Toomes 0.03 seconds to figure out that Peter is Spider-Man. That whole scene was too intense.

2. When Rose reveals she had the keys the whole time and that she lured Chris to her house in Get Out.

Twitter | @DallTheDon

Oh my god, that scene.

Everything about this movie is amazing, but that plot twist truly messed me up.

3. When both Sams find that they are actually clones and the real Sam Bell is back on Earth living with his family in Moon. 

Cracked | Cracked

This twist was so crushing, especially when the clones realized they were only designed to live around three years.

4. In Shutter Island when Chuck reveals the he's actually Teddy's doctor and that Teddy is a mental patient — not a detective. 

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The whole "investigation" was a planned experiment to let Teddy work out his fantasy. He is actually Andrew Laeddis, and he murdered his wife after she killed their children.

5. When Briony reveals that there was no happy ending and Cecilia and Robbie both died alone as a result of her actions in Atonement.  


If you somehow manage to make it through this movie without ugly crying into a pillow, you're a stronger person than me.

6. When Becca and Tyler's mom reveals that the people they've been staying with aren't their grandparents in The Visit. 

Variety | Variety

I knew that something was wrong with Becca and Tyler's grandparents, but I never suspected that they were imposters!

7. In Everything, Everything when Maddy finds out that she doesn't have SCID and that her mother lied to her to keep her indoors. 

We Heart It | @astrid_herrera_250

The only reason she got sick when she went outside is because her immune system was underdeveloped.

8. When Miguel finds out the Héctor is his real great-grandfather and that Ernesto is a fraud in Coco. 

Ranini | Ranini

It's also revealed that the beloved musician Ernesto actually stole his songs from H├ęctor and murdered him to keep it a secret.

9. In Saw when the "dead" body in the room turned out to be Jigsaw.  


I feel like everyone remembers exactly how shook they felt when this reveal happened.

If this twist hadn't been so successful, we probably wouldn't have 1,000 Saw movies today.

10. In The Mist when David shot everyone — including his own son — to spare them, but then the army showed up to save them. 


The Mist is one of those films that is super hard to watch twice because it is just so brutal. But hey, at least Stephen King likes it.

11. When Kujan figures out that Kint is actually Keyser Söze and has been lying to him the entire time.


This is one of the most classic plot twists of all time, and The Usual Suspects is honestly still shocking over twenty years later.

12. When it was revealed that the man we thought was Borden was actually twin brothers in The Prestige. 

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The brothers took turns playing Borden, and that's why his personality made such drastic changes.

Oh, and that Hugh Jackman's character was legit cloning himself and drowning the clones.

13. When Louise reveals that she doesn't have a daughter in Arrival, and we find out that her visions are of the future and not flashbacks.

Tumblr | blueeyedstark

I screamed when this happened.

It's also revealed that she has her daughter with Ian, but their relationship fails because she knew her daughter was going to die.

14. When John says "She never gets any older!" in A Beautiful Mind and realizes that Charles, Marcee, and Parcher aren't real.

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This twist is super devastating because it's impossible to see it coming.

I seriously thought John was breaking Soviet codes, but it was all in his head.

15. In Safe Haven, when Katie finds out that Jo is actually the ghost of Alex's wife.

Hollywood | Hollywood

I did not think that this was the kind of movie that would throw in a massive plot twist, but I was very, very wrong.

16. When Hans was the real bad guy in Frozen. 

GagFM | GagFM

I mean, for the majority of that movie, he was really freakin' nice.

Of course, according to the internet, we all should have known that he was the villain because he was wearing gloves!

17. When it's revealed that Sam and Molly are on Flight 180 in Final Destination 5. 

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Flight 180 is the plane that goes down in the first Final Destination film and is basically what kick-started the whole series.

18. In Primal Fear, when Aaron reveals that he's been faking his personality disorder the whole time to avoid going to jail. 

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After getting the case is dismissed, it's revealed that Aaron was the alter-ego and Roy is his real personality.

19. In Moana, when we found out that Te Kā is Te Fiti without her heart. 

The Disney Wiki | The Disney Wiki

This plot twist was so heartbreaking, but Disney is pretty much known for pulling at our heartstrings, so I'm not surprised.

20. Of course, the classic Star Wars twist when Darth Vader revealed to Luke that he is his father.


This is such a classic twist that we often take it for granted, but it must have been jaw-dropping when it happened.

21. When Marybeth turns out to be the alien leader in The Faculty. 

Tumblr | tolivewelove

This movie was wild, but no one suspected that the sweet and quiet Marybeth was actually the alien queen responsible for taking over the school.

22. Dwayne Johnson and Samuel L. Jackson are so confident that they literally jump off a building and die for no reason in The Other Guys.

I mean, it's Dwayne Johnson and Samuel L. Jackson! We kind of expected they'd stick around.

23. When Kate finds out that Esther is actually a 33-year-old woman in Orphan.

Tumblr | false-interesting

It was impossible not to be horrified when it is revealed that Esther has just been pretending to be a 9-year-old when she's actually a fully grown woman.

24. And finally, when Bruce Willis was dead the whole time in The Sixth Sense.

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This twist is so well known now that's it's easy to forget how epic it was. It was iconic.