11+ Pieces Of Fashion Owned By Every True '90s Kid

Growing up in the '90s was just as colorful and fun as the '80s. The clothes were still bright, the hair was big, and the fashion styles were still outrageous. Every '90s kid remembers at least a few of these trends, even though they might want to deny them today.

Let's take a look back at some of these styles we tried hard to forget but also remember fondly.

1. Crimped Hair

I think I still have my pink crimper (almost exactly like this one) somewhere buried deep inside my garage, LOL. Ah, those were the days.

2. Scrunchies

Okay, I dunno why scrunchies get such a bad rap. They're cute, they serve a purpose and there are so many colors to choose from. What gives?

3. Clueless Fashion Icons

Seriously, were you as obsessed with Clueless as I was? OMG, those outfits Cher and Dionne wore in the movie had me so jelly. Whatever.

4. Acrylic Hair Clips

Putting clips in your hair in the '90s was definitely a thing. And the more colorful the better. Did you own any of these?

5. These Flower Hair Clips

And then there are the quintessential '90s hair clips. I have to admit I've fallen into this trend as well. Why did I do it?

6. Parting Your Hair Like This

What was it about the '90s that had all the girls parting their hair like this? I'm still baffled by this phenomenon.

7. Channeling Your Inner Angela From "My So-Called Life"

OMG, who else wanted to be Angela so bad that they stocked up on all of her wardrobe pieces?

8. Vintage T-Shirts

If you still have a closet full of vintage T-shirts, you're definitely holding on to your '90s childhood memories. Was it a good look? I dunno.

9. The Denim Craze

I'm still obsessed with my denim, but these days I tend to tone it down. In the '90s, the pants were big, baggy and loose.

10. MC Hammer Pants

Speaking of pants, did you ever attempt to wear the MC Hammer pants? If you did, you're definitely brave. This look deserves to stay hidden.

11. Chokers

Oh boy, did I ever love wearing my various black chokers back in the day. Ha, ha. I still kinda like this trend, I have to admit.

12. '90s Flare Pants

I feel like it's not as bad as bell bottoms, but a word to the wise. This is not a good look for short people.

13. Cropped Tops

Guys, get this: I had this one crop top that I absolutely loved and I wore it so much I literally wore it out. LOL. True story.

14. Popcorn Shirts


These shirts were hideous and itchy, but we all wore them anyways. What were we thinking?

15. Name On A Grain Of Rice Necklace


Were you as obsessed with these as I was? Bonus points if you got one for each of your BFFs, too.

16. Jelly Shoes

OMG, I remember when these shoes came out and I wanted them so bad. I had to beg my mom to get them for me. LOL.

17. Pedal Pushers

We have cropped pants now, but these were like a weird hybrid between shorts and cropped pants. Make up your mind!

18. Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings were definitely popular during the '90s, and the only rule for wearing them was the bigger the better. Did you own a pair?

19. Overalls

This is one of my favorite '90s trends because it's just so comfy. And if you know me, you know how much I love comfortable clothes.

20. Combat Boots

If you didn't own a pair of combat boots in the '90s, you might as well slept through the decade. This was a must-have fashion statement.

21. Birkenstocks

Another comfortable trend of the '90s was, of course, Birkenstocks. I actually never owned a pair, but they do look like they would be comfy. Right?

22. Hip-Hop Fashion

Let's blame the music for this fashion trend. It was largely represented by loose silhouettes, casual fabrics, and sports details. Did you sport this look then?

23. Grunge Fashion

As with hip-hop, grunge was all over the '90s and it inspired the anti-fashion attitude. Those loose T-shirts, ripped jeans, and plaid shirts were all hip then.

24. Platform Shoes

You can credit the Spice Girls with kicking off this crazy shoe trend. The higher the platform, the more outrageous you were considered to be.

25. The Spice Girls Fashion

Speaking of the Spice Girls, they inspired a slew of fashion copy-cats. So depending on who resonated with you, that's the style you followed.

26. The "Rachel" Haircut

Probably the most iconic '90s hair trend was Jennifer Aniston's "Rachel" haircut from the Friends sitcom. Did you run to your hairdresser to get the look?

27. Britney Spears' Pigtails

If you weren't into the Spice Girls, you probably were more into that school girl persona portrayed by Britney Spears with her famous pigtails.

28. Mood Rings

These rings were supposed to change color according to your mood. But, newsflash, they didn't actually work. And they weren't even that nice to look at.

29. Terry Cloth Wristbands


I have to admit I did own a few of these. I think I even had an Addidas one. I thought it looked cool back then.

30. Tamagotchi

Urban Outfitters

They were a tech trend and a fashion trend all in one. Confess: Did you forget to feed your pet?

Isn't it fun to look back at all the fashion faux pas you might've committed?

Ha, ha. I'm glad I now have a much better sense of style, indeed.

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