16 Hacks For All Those Old T-Shirts You Don’t Want To Get Rid Of

January 8, 2018

It was your favorite tee; so soft, so comfortable. That is until it got that epic stain or the unfixable tear.

We all have those drawers full of t-shirts we can't seem to get rid of, but the good news is that you don't have to throw them out!

You can give it new life with these cool DIY upgrades.

1. A colorful rug

DIY Make It | DIY Make It

Braid strips of fabric and then sew together for your own take on this classic-style rug. Make it as big and with as many colors as you'd like.

2. Braided bracelets

Pinterest | Pinterest

Take your cloth braiding skills another route and try these stand-out bracelets. Soft, comfy, and inexpensive, you can make enough to have a bracelet that matches every outfit!

3. Produce bags

Rabbit Food For My Bunny Teeth | Rabbit Food For My Bunny Teeth

This green upcycle allows you to hit the farmers market in style. These bags are soft, functional, and a huge upgrade from your regular ol' reusable bags.

They make great gifts, too!

4. A cozy quilt

Ready To Take On The World | Ready To Take On The World

Don't give up on your comfiest of shirts! Turn them into a huggable quilt with all of your favorite t-shirts.

Your memories will forever live on with this DIY.

5. Stylish beanies 

Pink Castle | Pink Castle

You can easily turn your favorite tees into your favorite beanies. These are great for warmer months so you can still get the look you want in breathable cotton.

6. Adorable baby bibs

A Little Tipsy | A Little Tipsy

Keep your little one clean and cozy with these simple DIY bibs. It's a great way to give new life to your favorite shirts — and pass them down!

7. A fresh scarf

DIY Fun Tips | DIY Fun Tips

Incorporate color and texture into your outfit with a handmade t-shirt scarf. Because you're making it, you know there are no itchy fabrics while adding a style pop!

8. Cute decorative pillows

DIY For Life | DIY For Life

If you can't wear your fave shirts, why not cuddle them instead?

Create these amazing pillows for every room of the house, for as much cozy use as possible.

9. A distressed tee

YouTube | Nicole Guerriero

Embrace the stains!

With this DIY, you can transform your stained and worn-out tees into something you're proud to show off. All you need is some scissors and bleach!

10. A memorable scarf

Make: Magazine | Make: Magazine

Why wear one, when you could wear all of your faves at once?! Create this scarf for a way to incorporate multiple t-shirts into a single (and comfortable) accessory.

11. A one-of-a-kind skirt

Infarrantly Creative | Infarrantly Creative

Forego the scarf and opt for this creative skirt instead. Choose your own colors and patterns for a look that's as simple or as funky as you'd like.

12. A flip-flop upgrade 

YouTube | Angela's DIY

Just cut a few fabric strips and poke through your shoe holes!

You can even switch out the patterns and flip-flops to change your look all summer long.

13. A stylish shrug

Cut Out + Keep | Cut Out + Keep

Add a layer to your next outfit with this t-shirt-turned-shrug DIY project.

They're so easy to make that you could make one in every color! Add ribbon, buttons, and more for a personalized touch.

14. Pretty rosettes 

Happy Together | Happy Together

Flowers go great with every outfit — from casual, everyday wear to dressier outfits. Pop out a few of these t-shirt rosettes to add instant texture and color to any look.

15. A t-shirt planter

YouTube | Pinbusters

Give your plants a stylish place to hang without getting rid of that old shirt. Check out this tutorial for a quick way to upgrade your plant decor.

16. A lace-up tee

Instagram | @kalliekaiser

Add dimension to your wardrobe with a shirt that pops!

This shirt is simple to make and an easy addition to your wardrobe, while still getting to keep that fave shirt!